BABYMETAL’s kickass Music Video for “KARATE” is exactly what the world needed

Promoting their long awaited second studio album METAL RESISTANCE out on April 1st, Idol Metal trio BABYMETAL released today the Music Video for KARATE, the group’s newest track released just a few weeks ago as digital single. As the first original (non-live) MV in almost three years, I was genuinely excited to finally see this.

First off, the video is clearly on a much higher budget than anything we’ve seen so far from these girls: the quality, the effects, the lights, the overall editing are really light-years away from their previous video releases, as natural consequence of their huge worldwide success that made the group grow impressively in the last few years, and it makes the whole thing very enjoyable to watch.

Conceptually though, the video is pretty standard and doesn’t really represent anything special, but it’s still got its fair share of pretty kickass moments, and overall the girls’ charisma is showcased greatly, in a successful balance that satisfies the hardcore fans while adopting a concept and style more friendly to the global audience they aim at. Yes, it’s kinda missing that japanese touch that made their pre-global debut videography special, but it’s still one heck of a good video that the fans will undoubtedly love. This stuff kicks ass, and that’s all the group needs right now.

BABYMETAL are delivering convincing material and good quality in what is probably the most important moment of their career: The consolidation of their global success. And with the new album and a show at the Wembley Arena coming in just a few weeks, the future for these three girls looks brighter than ever.

– Alex

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