How to get Tickets for a Japanese show

If you love Japanese Music, one of your dreams is surely to visit the land of the rising sun, and if you’re really determined that day will come for sure. For this, you’ll have to be ready and know everything necessary to have the best possible vacation and experience, and here’s where my blog comes in help, with a series of guides that will analyze all the most important aspects of attending any kind of concert in Japan.

The second phase we’re going to analyze, after taking a look at the best moments to go to Japan and attend memorable concerts, is probably the most important one: where to buy tickets for Japanese concerts. That leads to a spontaneous question: Is it easy to get tickets for Japanese shows?

Well, it really depends on several factors: How big a group is, the venue, the nature of the show itself (tour, unique event, etc.), the presence or not of a Fan Club lottery, and many other aspects that can make the hunt for a ticket an easy task as well as a real nightmare. My guide is here to help you get a ticket for the concert you’re dying to see, along with a list of options to choose from and fundamental rules to follow, analyzing all the best and fastest ways to obtain tickets.

Let’s begin!

How to get tickets for a Japanese show


1. Online services

There are several online services on the web that import goods and merchandise from Japan to your home by request, and most of them are also specialized in getting tickets for concerts and any other kind of event. How does it work? It’s simple: the guys behind these services will buy a ticket for you and send it to your home overseas, which means you’ll need to pay the price of the ticket, the service fee, and the shipping costs to deliver it. Fees vary from service to service and from the kind of ticket you’re going to buy, be sure to ask beforehand in order to avoid complications.

Of course, this is an expensive way to get access to the show you’ve been dreaming to attend, but it’s still worth it in case you have no other way to get a ticket, and I honestly feel like recommending it. Some well known services are Bridge.jpn and fdjp, but there are many others out there as well, so be sure to search the web just in case you want a wider choice.

2. Fan Club lotteries

The biggest groups usually have a Fan Club lottery that allows the members of this exclusive service to get tickets in advance before the general sale date, but it’s not as easy as it sounds: in most cases, to be part of a Fan Club, you need a Japanese address and go through forms entirely written in Japanese, and if you live overseas it may be a bit tricky, but not impossible either. Just look around the web or ask for informations to the fans through social networks, and they will help you get subscribed to this exclusive service and cross the language barrier.  You will obviously need to pay a yearly service fee (plus the costs of the ticket in case you’re getting one) but if you really love a group and want to support it in any possible way while getting exclusive services, then it may be worth it.

But it’s not over here, as there’s also an easier way to get access to this service: indeed, the biggest Japanese acts out there (like Perfume and BABYMETAL) have international “branches” of their Fan Clubs that everyone in the world can subscribe to very easily, as the forms to compile are fully in English. Worldwide Fan Clubs give the chance to participate to ticket lotteries for both overseas and Japanese shows of your favorite group, so it’s a way easier and less stressful method to get tickets in case your group is offering this service. Please note that participating in lotteries, both in Japanese-only and worldwide fan clubs, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get a ticket. But from my personal experience, I can say that most of the fans usually make it. In any case, cross your fingers!

3. Through friends

Fans living in Japan are usually open to help foreigners with tickets. If one of your friends kindly offers his/her help in getting a ticket for you, this will undoubtedly make your life a lot easier. You can send the money in advance easily to your friend by using PayPal or Western Union (or in any way you have decided to do) and that’s it.

In all honesty, if you have a friend in Japan, this is the easiest way to get a ticket, and in case you really have no way to get one by yourself using other ways, don’t be afraid to ask: a friend and fellow fan will surely do anything possible to help you.

4. Go in front of the venue

The last chance, and definitely the most risky one: I do not recommend this at all, especially if you’re traveling from overseas. But still, some fans did it and got their tickets, so if you feel brave and think you have nothing to lose, this is the last solution: pick a sheet of paper, write on it that you need a ticket for the show, and start wandering around the venue the day of the show looking for someone who may have a spare ticket to sell to you. Someone lucky actually got tickets in this way, but as I said above, it’s really risky. Just think about it: you traveled all the way to Japan for this show, and if this method doesn’t work out, you’ll see all your fellow fans go inside the venue happily while you’ll be left outside without a ticket and a grumpy expression on your face. It’s not worth it. Anyway, with all the methods listed above, it’ll be hard for you to not get a ticket in a safer way, but since is my duty to list all the possible ways to get one, this risky method is here as well. It’s up to you!


– Always buy tickets as soon as possible

Especially with big groups, tickets may sold out in a matter of days if not hours. If you have the chance, get your ticket as soon as possible to grant your place inside the venue.

– Don’t buy tickets from speculators

These are rare cases, but still present in the mission to get a ticket for your favorite Japanese show. Around the web (through forums, social networks, and even auction websites) you may see someone selling tickets for concerts with a price that’s two, if not three times higher than the normal sum. DON’T BUY THEM. Why? It’s simple: first of all, it’s just not fair that you have to pay an exaggerated price while everyone just bought the ticket for its normal price. Second, and most importantly, you’re paying a speculator that’s trying to gain money in an illicit way. You have to avoid this kind of people. Instead of looking for this stuff, just ask around in the fandom through the web, and you will find out that the majority of fans with a spare ticket will be glad to sell it to you just for the regular price, friendly and honestly.

– The Golden rule

Wait for the show to be announced, get the ticket, and then buy a plane ticket. If the main reason you’re traveling to Japan is a concert, you don’t wanna spend a lot of money to travel in the Land of the Rising Sun without being sure you can attend it. Remember: concert tickets sold out, plane tickets do not. Also, don’t be afraid for the plane ticket price to get higher in case the show it’s just three or four months away: many airline companies constantly make good discounts, so it’ll be hard to pay an exaggerated price for your travel, unless it’s like two weeks before the date.

– Don’t stress yourself up!

With all the methods listed above and the right determination, there’s just nothing that can stop you: if you really want it, you WILL attend the concert of your dreams. Period. Planning your trip and your concert is super exciting, so be sure to do everything precisely and enjoy it without stressing yourself up. You’re gonna make it.

Be ready to make the best trip of your life, and have a blast with all your friends!

– Alex