Meeting fans from all over the world

If you love Japanese Music, one of your dreams is surely to visit the land of the rising sun, and if you’re really determined that day will come for sure. For this, you’ll have to be ready and know everything necessary to have the best possible vacation and experience, and here’s where my blog comes in help, with a series of guides that will analyze all the most important aspects of attending any kind of concert in Japan.

The third and last part of this series of guides is focused on a very important matter, sometimes ignored despite being of fundamental importance: the fans. Or better, the friends that will join you in your adventure in Japan to attend your dream concert, and have the time of your life. While traveling and living things alone is fascinating and a unique experience, nothing is like living such a precious experience with people sharing the same passion as yours.

This guide is for everyone who frequently asks me “how to know people” to travel to Japan: step by step, I will guide you on all the very simple things to do to enjoy your stay in Japan with great people and have a wonderful time. With little effort, everything will come just naturally.

Let’s begin!

Friends and Fans

Me and (part of) my friends outside Tokyo Dome for Perfume's Dome Tour. Photo by Evans Huang

Me and my friends outside Tokyo Dome for Perfume’s Dome Tour. Photo by Evans Huang

1. Search for new friends

Internet is one of the best things of this generation, along with the possibility it gives to be in touch with people from any part of the world, breaking the boundaries of nations and different cultures. With social networks, the whole meaning of internet went on a new level thanks to the possibility of these websites to connect people with the same interests and passions, which is the key and your best ally to know people that love Japan and Japanese music.

There are many Social Networks out there at the moment, but staying on the most famous ones such as Twitter and Facebook is the best way because, well, they’re the most populated in the world. You can get to know people from any country in the world, and you’ll be surprised of how many people share the same passion for Japanese music like you. So, the first step is to create an account in one (or both) of these social networks.

On twitter (and pretty much in all socials today) be sure to use the right hashtag to reach all the people interested in particular Japanese groups/genres: see your messages and thoughts reaching more fans as possible, reply to tweets and discussions, and you’ll get followers as well as people to follow, and potential new friends in no time. On Facebook, be sure to join groups and fan pages dedicated to your favorite groups: leave comments, share your thoughts and participate to discussions with everyone. It’s great to share your opinions with people who can understand your passion, and in no time you’ll get to know lots of fans online that will become your friends, opening the possibility to meet them for a concert in Japan, or wherever your favorite group is performing. And believe me, it’s not a remote possibility at all, so try to be more active as possible and have fun.

There are many interesting things in the world that can unite people, and music is probably the most powerful one. Everyone listens to music, and social networks can enhance this strong bond between people. Follow these very simple and basic tips, and you’ll get to know new fans and friends in no time.

2. Meet your friends

The first step is the most important one, as it’s the starting point for the best and funniest part of all this: meeting all the fans and friends you’ve been talking to for a long time!

After getting in touch with so many people, your will to attend a concert in Japan will become greater than ever. In order to make this happen, of course, you need to organize yourself with your friends: if your favorite act is touring Japan, most overseas fans will probably try to get to the Tokyo/Osaka dates, usually the biggest and most requested ones, other than the most comfortable to reach for a tourist. But it could be anywhere, really. In the case of overseas concerts, simply choose the city that’s more comfortable for you to reach.

Just plan everything with your friends online for the concert day, and not only: flying to a foreign country, especially in a far place like Japan, means there will obviously be also time for other adventures to live with your friends, and that’s where the best part comes.

3. After the concert / Visiting Japan together

So you’ve finally met all your friends in real life, had a great time queueing for the concert even if there wasn’t no need for it (queues are always a great moment to know people and enjoy the atmosphere), attended a great show, and now you’re outside the venue still completely excited for everything that happened during the day, together with your friends. Especially in Japan, some fans will usually organize the so called off-kai, which are post-concert meetings where everyone can join and spend the night together with the fans who attended the show (Izakaya and Karaoke is usually the plan, which is perfect). It’s an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once, other than a chance to get closer to people and build a great friendship tied by the same passion. Attending a concert is amazing, but reminiscing what you’ve just lived with your friends is just priceless.

Also, one last suggestion: try to be as open and sociable as possible. Even if you’re shy (I can say I am) an experience like this will open your mind. Everything will come just naturally.

4. It’s been a great journey

The sad time to say goodbye to your friends has come, but that doesn’t mean it’s over: keeping in contact with them is as important as spending time with them in the flesh, so while it’ll be a sad trip back home, you’ll feel happy and proud for everything you’ve done and experienced along with your friends when you’ll reach home. Everything you need to do now is to keep in contact with your friends and… wait for the next trip!

Music, groups, friends, and new places are all experiences that everyone needs to experience in life. These things open your mind, make you feel free like never before, and projects beautiful memories in your mind every time you think about everything you’ve achieved. Loving music can teach you how to love life. I know it sounds cliché, but you can achieve everything you set in your mind. Prepare your luggage.

– Alex