AKB48 performing on stage

Idols are a musical and cultural phenomenon born in Japan during the 70s, that conceptually and gradually changed throughout the years with the Japanese society. Idol groups have a sweet and thoughtless mood in their songs and welcome influences from several genres, with uplifting lyrics usually referring directly to the listener.

While normal J-pop acts are usually singers and dancers with a precise talent whose career is focused on, today Idols are mainly stage performers, even though there are several groups and individual members showcasing great abilities in different fields (check out the Alternative Idol scene). Still, more than real singers or dancers, Idols are considered as icons and performers, and their career is mainly focused on their personality and appearance. They get songs wrote for them (both music and lyrics) as well as choreographies, and they frequently appear on commercials for well known products and TV shows. Gravure photo books and DVDs are also a constant, and from these products fans can get a wider idea of the member’s personality, cause that’s an Idol’s main aim: to represent the perfect stereotype of the cute and innocent girl while showcasing their own personality.

Based on this concept, Idol groups hardly ever share details on their private lives: you will never know if a member is dating someone because that would break the Idol concept and act like a “betrayal” to the fans, so it’s definitely not a good thing for their image to be seen dating someone, and if that happens, the group’s agency needs to give a clear explanation in time to avoid problems or “scandals” that could damage the Idol’s status. This doesn’t mean Idols can’t have their own private life or that there’s a written rule that denies them to have relationships (except for the groups of the AKB48 family), but it’s a common rule to avoid spreading private informations that could damage an Idol’s public image

This might lead to the idea of random cute girls or boys put on a stage singing someone else’s song on a choreography that’s not theirs while hiding from paparazzi and tabloid magazines, and while that’s not completely wrong, at the same time it’s the worst way to face the Idol world. And you know why? Because you’re here for the music. And while the Idol phenomenon surely goes beyond it, there are tons of great units and solo idols who offer quality music and impressive stage performances. We know they’re not the minds behind the music and the show, but honestly, does it really matter in the end? I think it’s important to listen to the music and enjoy the visuals without prejudice. As stated above, there’s tons of good music and acts that are worth following: give it a try and you may discover some great acts!

Momoiro Clover Z


Recommended Albums: Battle and Romance / 5th Dimension
Recommended Songs: Pinky Jones / D’ no Junjō / Mugen no Ai / LOST CHILD / Rodo Sanka / NEO Stargate / Naitemo Iindayo
Best PVs: D’ no Junjō / Rodo Sanka / Mugen no Ai
Year: 2008 – Active (previously known as Momoiro Clover)

Morning Musume

Morning Musume モーニング娘。 '14 Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe 時空を超え 宇宙を超え Password is 0 (1)

Recommended Albums: 4th Ikkimashoi / AI No Dai 6 Kan / Sexy 8 Beat / Platinum 9 / 13 Colorful Characters
Recommended Songs: Love Machine / Kimagure Princess / Ooki Hitomi / One Two Three
Best PVs: Mr. Moonlight / Maji Desu ka Ska! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!
Year: 1997 – Active



Recommended Albums: Kamikyokutachi
Recommended Songs: River / Sakura no Shiori / Hashire! Penguin / Ponytail to Shushu / Iiwake Maybe
Best PVs: Choudai, Darling! / Ue kara Mariko / Iiwake Maybe / Heavy Rotation
Year: 2005 – Active

Tokyo Girls’ Style


Recommended Albums: Limited Addiction / Yakusoku
Recommended Songs: Kodou no Himitsu / W.M.D.A. / Rock You! / Limited Addiction / Yakusoku / Partition Love
Best PVs: Kodou no Himitsu / Limited Addiction / Partition Love / Juujika
Social: |
Year: 2010 – Active

Curumi Chronicle 


Recommended Albums: Curumi Chronicle
Recommended Songs:午前11 , MAKE NEW WORLD, Prismic Step, Seventeen, FLIGHT, Touch Me
Best PVs:午前11
Year: 2013 – 2015 (retired)

Lyrical School


Recommended Albums: Date Course / SPOT
Recommended Songs: Sorya Natsu Da, Ribbon o Kyutto, PARADE, DEMO, p.s.
Best PVs: Parade
Year: 2010 – Active

Sakura Gakuin

Sakura Gakuin 89

Recommended Albums: Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo-Message
Recommended Songs: Verishuvi / Yume ni Mukatte / Fly Away / Please! Please! Please! (Twinklestars sub-unit) / Brand New Day (Scoopers sub-unit)
Best PVs: Verishuvi / FRIENDS
Social: (Unofficial)
Year: 2010 – Active

Ayami Muto


Recommended Albums: Eien to Shunkan / I-POP
Recommended Songs: Sora / A.Y.M.
Best PVs: Sora
Year: 2012 – Currently on hiatus



Recommended Albums: Melody Palette
Recommended Songs: Idol Bakari Kikanaide / Sayonara Music / Tokimeki no Headliner
Best PVs: Idol Bakari Kikanaide
Year: 2003 – Active


Recommended Albums: World Wide Dempa (WWD)
Recommended Songs: World Wide Dempa / Future Diver / Orange Rium / でんぱれーど JAPAN / Dempari Night / Bali 3 Republic
Best PVs: W.W.D. (World Wide Dempa) /  Chururi Chururira / Bali 3 Republic
Year: 2011 – Active



Recommended Albums: Cute Shinseinaru: Best Album / 8 Queens of J-pop
Recommended Songs: Kono Machi / Kiss Me Aishiteru / Abiru Hodo no Ai wo Kudasai
Best PVs: Dance de Bakoon! / Love is more Innovative / Adam to Eve no Dilemma
Year: 2005 –  Active

Berryz Kobo


Recommended Albums: Berryz Mansion 9kai
Recommended Songs: Rock Erotic / Loving you too much / Piriri to Yukou!
Best PVs: Want! / Be Genki (Naseba Naru!) / Heroine ni Narō ka! / Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba
Year: 2004 – Active


Recommended Albums: SMAP 016: MIJ / We are SMAP!
Recommended Songs: Bang! Bang! Bakansu! / This is Love
Best PVs: /
Social: /
Year: 1988 – Active


Recommended Albums: All the Best! 1999 -2009
Recommended Songs: Troublemaker / Truth / One Love / Wish / PIKANCHI DOUBLE
Best PVs: Troublemaker
Year: 1999 – Active

Hey! Say! JUMP

Recommended Albums: Jump World
Recommended Songs: Aino Arika / Shinku / Beat Line / Bouken Rider
Best PVs: Super Delicate / Arigatou Sekai No Doko Ni Itemo / Your Seed
Year: 2007 – Active


Recommended Albums: Kis-my-1st
Recommended Songs: Everybody Go / Ai no Beat / S.O.S. (Smile on Smile) / Zutto -You are my everything / Girl is mine
Best PVs: She Her Her
Year: 2005 – Active