Electronic Music


Yellow Magic Orchestra and band in concert.

The Japanese music scene is full of talented Electronic music groups and producers: differently from the global market where Electronic Dance Music (EDM) became the new pop and pretty much a stagnant music genre, Japanese producers usually tend to put a lot of personality in their productions while maintaining a solid base that respects the core elements of the genre. Historical groups like Yellow Magic Orchestra gave a huge and global contribute to Electronic music during the years, and today the scene is full of new and young artist who create valid music.

Down here you can find a list of some of the most talented Electronic music producers and acts. While some of them may not be really known outside Japan, they are definitely worth listening artists if you enjoy the genre. Enjoy!

Yellow Magic Orchestra (Also J-pop)


Recommended Albums: BGM / Technodelic / Yellow Magic Orchestra / Naughty Boys / Solid State Survivor
Recommended Songs: Rydeen / Cosmic Surfin’ / Behind the Mask / Cue
Best Videos: Technodon at Tokyo Dome (1993)
Year: 1977 – Active

Tetsuya Komuro (TK)


Recommended Albums: Digitalian is Eating Breakfast / Digitalian is Eating breakfast 2 / Hit Factory
Recommended Songs: I want you back / Running to Horizon
Best PVs: /
Website: http://avex.jp/tk/
Social: https://twitter.com/Tetsuya_Komuro
Year: 1975 – Active

Capsule (Also Shibuya Kei)


Recommended Albums: Nexus 2060 / Flash Back / Fruits Clipper / WORLD OF FANTASY / WAVE RUNNER
Recommended Songs: Kamisama no Utagoe / Tokyo Smiling / The Music / More! More! More! / Sugarless Girl / Starry Sky / CONTROL
Best PVs: Sugarless Girl / CONTROL
Social: https://twitter.com/CAPSULEOFFICIALhttps://www.facebook.com/CAPSULE.OFFICIAL
Year: 1997 – Active

Suiyoubi no Campanella (also known as Wednesday’s Campanella)


Recommended Albums: Rashoumon / Triathlon / Zipang
Recommended Songs: Medusa / Momotaro / Joanne D’Arc / Marie Antoinette
Best PVs: Joanne D’Arc / Marie Antoinette
Website: /
Social: https://twitter.com/KOM_I
Year: 2012 – Active



Recommended Albums: Ai Ai Syndrome / DIStopping
Recommended Songs: Hate / GEORGE / Iinadukeblue / Miira Killer (feat. TEMPURA KIDZ)
Best PVs: Hate / Miira Killer (feat. TEMPURA KIDZ)
Social:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charismacomhttps://twitter.com/charisma_bot_co | https://twitter.com/gonchi_charisma
Year: 2010 – Active



Recommended Albums: Lost Decade / First Album
Recommended Songs: Disco no Kamisama / Don’t stop the Music / Come on Honey (feat. Hitomi Arai)
Best PVs: Disco no Kamisama
Social:https://www.facebook.com/tofubeatsofficial | https://twitter.com/tofubeats | http://instagram.com/tofubeats
Year: 2008 – Active

Hiroyuki ODA


Recommended Albums: Thirty
Recommended Songs: Thirty, Sound of Waves, Ionosphere
Best PVs: /
Social:https://twitter.com/kanzakihiro | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL
Year: 2008 – Active

Usagi Disco


Recommended Albums: /
Recommended Songs: Golden Dancer, Cross X Eyes
Best PVs: /
Social:https://twitter.com/USAGIinfo | https://www.facebook.com/USAGIDISCO
Year: 2011 – Active