Hip Hop

The Hip Hop/Rap scene in Japan is still a pretty small niche, but some acts are slowly starting to emerge. The most famous in the scene is without a doubt KOHH, a rapper whose work has been getting lots of recognition both in Japan and around the world, that brought him to collaborate with American rappers such as J $tash. Like him and the other few “big” rappers in Japan, he follows the wave of Trap music, a sub-genre of Rap famous for its instrumentals made of thundering bass lines. Beware though: there’s an ever growing underground Hip Hop scene who’s starting to grab the attention from the fans of the genre.

Down here you will find the very few Japanese rappers that had a certain impact in the music industry. Enjoy their music, and feel free to suggest more acts if you know them!



Recommended Albums:  Monochrome / DIRT
Recommended Songs: Fuck Swag / Living Legend / Dirt Boys / If I Die Tonight
Best PVs: Fuck Swag
Website: http://xn--n8jzb3a2c9e.com/
Social: https://twitter.com/kohh_t20?lang=en
Year: 2008 – Active



Recommended Albums: The Arrival
Recommended Songs: Red Pill, Heat Over Here
Best PVs: RGTO
Website: https://www.aklo.jp/
Social: https://twitter.com/aklovision
Year: 2008 – Active



Recommended Albums: In My Shoes / COMEDY
Recommended Songs: I gotta go / PAINKILLER / AFURI
Best PVs: Goodtime
Social: https://twitter.com/salu_info?lang=en
Year: 2011 – Active



Recommended Albums: Shinjin Kreva / Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
Recommended Songs: Hitori Janai no Yo / Issai Gassai
Best PVs: /
Website: http://www.kreva.biz/
Social: https://twitter.com/kreva_drk_dj908
Year: 1997 – Active