J-pop/Techno-pop unit Perfume performing “Edge” during their “Triangle Tour 2009”.

J-pop (abbreviation of Japanese Pop) is the term used to refer to modern Japanese popular music.

While overseas media and local stores conveniently classify every genre using the J letter (J-rock, J-pop, J-jazz, etc.) the term J-pop precisely refers to all the popular groups of the Japanese music industry inspired by western musical influences, independently from the nature of the genre itself. To make it simple, J-pop is the fusion of Japanese popular music and Western musical influences. This means that traditional Japanese singers (“Enka” artists) don’t make part of this category.

Exactly as if you were in a Japanese music store, some genres listed in this section are classified using the J-method to make everything clearer and less confusing for both newcomers and usual listeners who want to browse the list quickly. Artists are divided according to their main influence, except for particular fields such as Visual Kei, Idol groups and Vocaloid, that while being part of the J-pop scene, deserve a separated space due to their cultural role in the industry and concepts.

Now it’s your turn: Choose an artist, start listening, and fall in love with it!

Utada Hikaru


Recommended Albums: First Love / Deep River / Heart Station
Recommended Songs: First Love / Heart Station / Prisoner of Love / Goodbye Happiness / Sakura Nagashi
Best PVs: Sakura Drops / Sakura Nagashi
Website: http://www.utadahikaru.jp/profile/
Social: https://twitter.com/utadahikaru
Year: 1996 – 2011 (Currently on Hiatus, will be back in April 2016)

Ayumi Hamasaki


Recommended Albums: Duty / I am / A Song for XX / Rainbow / LOVEeppears
Recommended Songs: Rainbow / Evolution / Hanabi / Is this love? / M / July 1st
Best PVs: Sparkle / BLUE BIRD
Website: http://avex.jp/ayu/index.php
Social: https://www.facebook.com/ayu.official?ref=ts&fref=ts | https://twitter.com/ayu_19980408
Year: 1993 – Active

Namie Amuro


Recommended Albums: Play / Past < Future / Uncontrolled
Recommended Songs: Baby don’t cry / Hide and Seek / Dr. / Say the Word / Put ’em up
Best PVs: Fast Car / Love Story / Break It / ROCK STEADY / Hide and Seek
Website: http://namieamuro.jp/
Social: https://www.facebook.com/NamieAmuroOfficial?fref=ts
Year: 1992 – Active

Perfume (Also Idols)


Recommended Albums: GAME / Triangle / LEVEL3
Recommended Songs: Computer City / Electro World / Polyrythm / Secret Secret / Dream Fighter / Edge / Spending all my Time
Best PVs: Polyrythm / One Room Disco / Nee / VOICE / GLITTER
Website: http://www.perfume-web.jp/
Social: https://www.facebook.com/Perfume.global?fref=ts | https://twitter.com/Perfume_Staff
Year: 2000 – Active

Seiko Oomori


Recommended Albums: Zettai Shoujo / Sennou / TOKYO BLACK HOLE
Recommended Songs: Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu / Over the Party / Imitation Girl / Magic Mirror / Aishiteru.com
Best PVs: Midnight Seijun Useu Kouyuu
Website: http://oomoriseiko.info/
Social: https://twitter.com/oomoriseiko | https://www.facebook.com/oomoriseiko?ref=profile
Year: 2010 – Active

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


Recommended Albums: Nandacollection
Recommended Songs: Pon Pon Pon / Candy Candy / Ninjary Ban Ban / Invader Invader / Fashion Monster
Best PVs: Yume no Hajime Rin Rin / Fashion Monster / Furisodeshon
Website: http://kyary.asobisystem.com/
Social: https://www.facebook.com/KPP.FC?fref=ts | https://twitter.com/pamyurin
Year: 2011 – Active

Mr. Children


Recommended Albums: Mr. Children 1996-2000 /[(An Imitation) Blood Orange]
Recommended Songs: 365-nichi / Namida no Kidou / Hanabi
Best PVs: Hanabi, Sign
Website: http://www.mrchildren.jp/
Social: https://twitter.com/mrchildren_jp
Year: 1989 – Active

Hoshino Gen


Recommended Albums: Yellow Dancer
Recommended Songs: Tokiyo / Sun
Best PVs: Tokiyo
Website: http://www.hoshinogen.com/
Social: https://twitter.com/gen_senden
Year: 2010 – Active



Recommended Albums: Gravity / DAOKO
Recommended Songs: Me! Me! Me! (feat. Teddy Loid) / Suisei / ShibuyaK / Samishii Kamisama
Best PVs: Me! Me! Me! / Suisei / ShibuyaK
Website: http://daoko.jp/
Social: https://twitter.com/Daok0
Year: 2012 – Active



Recommended Albums: Geiger Counter Culture / Utsukushii Kuni
Recommended Songs: Yameru Idol / Girlswar / Don’t take off your Sailor Fuku
Best PVs: Yameru Idol
Website: http://urbangarde.net/
Social: https://www.facebook.com/urbangarde?fref=ts | https://twitter.com/urbangarde
Year: 2002 – Active

Ami Suzuki


Recommended Albums: S.A. / Infinite Eighteen vol.1 / Around the World
Recommended Songs: Be together / Our Days / Thank you 4 Every day Every body / Reality / Dancin’ in Hip Hop
Best PVs: ONE / Bitter
Website: http://avex.jp/ami
Social: none
Year: 1998 – Active



Recommended Albums: COLTEMONIKHA BEST
Recommended Songs: Soratobu Hikari / SLEEPING Girl / communication / NAMAIKI
Best PVs: /
Website: /
Social: /
Year: 2006-2007 (Disbanded)