Artists and Genres


Now that you have a general point of view on Japanese Music and its industry you can finally get your real first step and start enjoying the music. There are so many things awaiting for you that it’ll be hard just to even decide where to start!

When discovering a new artist, following all the aspects and activities related to it plays a fundamental role to fully enjoy the Japanese music scenario: Waiting for a new single, following the promotion behind it, watching the Live/TV appearances/performances are all factors that will make your interest grow from day to day. Supporting an artist in the Japanese scene also implies many other aspects and fields where it’s related that are definitely worth following. That’s because musical artists in Japan are closer to the fans, and the invisible wall made of celebrity and popularity is thicker, almost non-existent, making following an act a real pleasure that gives a stronger feeling of being closer to it; Whether is to follow a YouTube or Ustream channel, Twitter or Facebook pages, or watch a message towards the fans in the Fan Club website you can subscribe to, or just browse any possible social network and know more people to find everything about it, you’ll never feel far or abandoned from your favorite artist in Japan. Never.

In the Artists and Genres section you will find an ever growing list of the main genres and related artists to follow in the industry, from mainstream J-pop to Indie bands, including a list of all the best Songs, Albums and Music Videos (PVs) to begin with and Website/Social links to be always updated, in order to enjoy the best of the artist since the beginning to then continue in case it fits your musical tastes. If you’ve already found an artist you like, you’re already prepared to expand your horizons and knowledge: Starting from it, you can widen your listen to the rest of its discography and to other related artists, whatever is the connecting point (same label, same producer or, simply, same genre). Otherwise, if you still have to find an artist that suits your taste, my blog comes in your help: By browsing the above mentioned list you can check all the genres and artists that might interest you the most and start from there. Once you’ve found one, your curiosity and hunger for new music and groups will naturally start to grow and evolve.

The “Artists and Genres” section is a guide to the discovery of new artists, something that everyone experienced at least once: You get stuck on a song, then a video, then an album and so on, and that’s the role of this sections, to guide you through all the best and most influential artists and their great successes to understand if they can fit your tastes. The list is ever growing, so be sure to regularly browse it.

Have fun!

– Alex

A very special thanks to all the friends that gave their contribute to make the “Artists and Genres” section possible: Mario, Nathan, Stephane, Edwin (R.I.P. my brother), Mun-Keat, Vivian, Koichiro-san, Slavka, Kenneth, Minh, Mark, Benny, Solangge, Natasha, Ji Jun, Choy, Ronn, Eugene, Brian, and all ma boyz at “Kill your Idols”.