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Hi everyone! My name is Alex, I’m from Tuscany (Italy) and I’m a music journalist focused on Japanese Music.

I’ve discovered Japanese music in 2010, during a particular moment of my life where I was bored of everything I was listening to… until I causally found Perfume’s classic J-pop anthem Polyrythm on YouTube. Since then, my passion for music has come to life again. It’s been a turning point and a refreshing discovery, something that everyone passionate about music can benefit from, which is why I’d love to see Japanese music artists recognized overseas more often.

Thanks to my huge passion for writing, I opened this blog called “Land of the Rising Sound”, with the idea of helping newcomers discover the Japanese Music scene, the world’s second biggest music market. Filled with valid artists from every genre that can satisfy everyone’s taste in music, this panorama has a lot to offer to people looking for new and innovative music, or simply to everyone who wants to listen to good music.

Here on Land of the Rising Sound, I write reviews of albums, EPs and singles, as well as articles analyzing various aspects composing the Japanese industry, plus guides on everything useful to know when traveling in Japan: how to get concert tickets, how to reach venues, how to meet fans and friends, and for those who can’t travel to Japan, how to buy music and follow Japanese artists from overseas… and much more! Everything I learned and experienced during these years (thanks to two wonderful trips in Japan) is in this blog, to help you get confident with this country and its music as much as possible.

Wether you’re looking for new and innovative groups to give new life to your passion for music, or opinions on a particular album before buying it online, or helpful informations to plan your trip to Japan and attend a concert in Japan, I got you covered: You will find all the informations you need on Japanese music here on my blog.

Over the years, I have  collaborated with several websites focused on Japanese Music and culture. Be sure to check out my writing in the following sites:

ARAMA! JAPAN (International)
NEO Magazine (UK)
(Japan / International)
Electric Bloom Webzine (UK)
Giapponizzati.com (Italy)

If you want to contact me, feel free to follow me on TwitterFacebook, or send me an email at alextofa@gmail.com.

Hope you will enjoy my blog! See ya around 🙂

– Alex

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Yo dude, nice going with your blog! I just discovered it, but what I’ve seen so far seems pretty in-depth and well-written for something done by a self-proclaimed “amateur”. I’ve been looking into the Japanese music scene myself for about 2 years now, so it’s nice to finally find some place to gather information from an outside perspective 😀
    I’ll definitely keep reading and catch up on all of your writing some of these days, so keep these articles coming man 🙂
    But before I end my random comment on here there’s one question on my mind:
    Why no Ling Tosite Sigure?


    • Thanks man, I appreciate it a lot! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog 🙂

      As for Ling Tosite Sigure… I must have forgot them! I included them in the list together with the other Indie/Math Rock groups.



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