HAMIDASYSTEM merges music and storytelling in “Yoru no Hakoniwa”

In a first half of 2018 that – except for a few records – has been pretty slow in terms of noticeable releases (even though everything points towards a much more interesting second half), atmospheric Idol unit HAMIDASYSTEM has been relentlessly grinding in the depths of the underground Idol scene, releasing new music at a constant pace and expanding their audience with more live shows, while also marketing themselves in a more aggressive way through various web platforms.

Since the release of their track “Semi no Koe” last year, I had a great feeling about HAMIDASYSTEM, and so far it’s safe to say that they have exceeded any expectation. With atmospheric tracks that make smart use of Electronic, Rock and Ambient elements at the service of ethereal singing and space-y soundscapes, their music is something to relax and reflect to more than anything, portraying a floating sense of sadness and oppression that sets their sound apart from most Idol units out there.

Their recently released track “Yoru no Hakoniwa” seeks the same kind of vibe, and successfully conquers it with a simple yet extremely effective execution that hides a remarkable songwriting and attention to details. A rather tricky beginning infused with bright synths sets a dreamy soundscape right away, just to wipe it away a few seconds later with melancholic guitar arpeggios and a hefty chord progression backed up by an oppressive layer of synths, an impactful combination of sounds that reverbs throughout the whole track to fit the girls’ ethereal and sinister vocals, that beautifully fit the whole atmosphere; I can’t stress enough how much the interpretation of the members in this track contributes to its whole atmosphere, as each girl balances each other shifting between heartfelt vocal extensions and delicate singing, delivering a various array of emotions while keeping the track engaging and various to compensate the redundant instrumental. It’s a greatly crafted song, that’s accessible and apparently simple on the surface, but that hides many details and showcases a great songwriting ability and on-point delivery by the members.

It’s also worth noticing how “Yoru no Hakoniwa” is the first of a total of five tracks that are going to be released on the 30th day of each of the next four months, as part of a project that merges music and storytelling: for each track released, a part of the story is released on their website, and “Yoru no Hanokiwa” is just the beginning of it. Also, the release of each track coincides with a live performance by the unit at particular venues, ultimately leading to their first one-man live in September (the unit also set up a crowdfunding page, and they’re very close to reach their goal for this project).

It’s a very interesting project for the unit, that merges music, storytelling and live performances, also unveiling the desire of these girls and their production team to create their own space and rise in a niche that’s surely crowded, but still has a lot of space for acts who want to bring the Idol scene and culture further from an artistic standpoint. So far, HAMIDASYSTEM has definitely gave proof to have everything it takes to leave an influential mark in the scene. Listen below.

– Alex

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