Maison Book Girl release MV for “lost AGE”, and it’s as great as you would expect

Of all the groups and projects that came to life from the disbandment of BiS, Maison Book Girl definitely looks and sounds like the most convincing and solid of this fragmented heritage: last year’s bath room was a surprisingly valid record that shown a clear and strong musical identity, that’s now carried over in this new track taken from the group’s new EP summer continue out on March 30th.

lost AGE takes a lot from the formula that made their first record such an enjoyable experience, with overlapping rhythms and layers of acoustic guitar as a solid base for the groups’ typical playful melodies, but adds a very enjoyable soothing vibe in the chorus thanks to delicate synths and the singing of the girls that fits the context nicely. It’s a functional revisitation of their sound that sets a different mood, and the result is genuinely good.

The Music Video isn’t any less valid, focusing on the girls dancing in their very own way (I love those weird moves) enriched by strong color palettes and nice framings, with only a few effects applied on it. It’s a great demonstration of a simple video on a pretty average budget made very enjoyable, and the personality of these girls comes out very nicely in a simplicity that’s somehow addicting.

Despite not adding anything necessarily new to the formula, lost AGE is a very enjoyable and promising taste of Maison Book Girl’s upcoming EP, and the class and personality it’s presented with in both sound and visuals makes me even more excited for their new material.

You can expect a review of Maison Book Girl’s summer course EP here on my blog in the next days. Stay tuned!

– Alex

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