Release Date: March 23rd
Format: CD
Number of Editions (3): Regular Edition (CD), Limited Edition (CD + DVD), Limited Edition (CD + DVD + Book)

Oomori Seiko delivers a masterful record filled with talent and passion. 

The artistic growth of Oomori Seiko has been one of the most interesting evolutions to observe in recent years: From raw shows in the basements of Koenji promoting her early works and the acoustic lunacy of Zettai Shoujo, to the rebel-sounding debut in the mainstream scene with last year’s Sennou, the singer/songwriter has shown a remarkable evolution and improvement in her music.

The path that Oomori followed – and is still following – is made of curiosity, experimentation, and feelings put into music with brutal honesty, all elements tied up together by a unique charisma that seeps through every song she composes. And while her Major Debut album kept her on track despite a few uncertain moments, with this new effort the singer reaches a cohesive and refined milestone in this process of growth.

TOKYO BLACK HOLE indeed holds surprising and valuable moments in each track, as Oomori spreads bits of several influences in each number and blends them into her own unique style with impressive mastery, delivering a various and exciting experience. Tracks like the theatrical, almost dramatic Magic Mirror, the light vibes of Sacchan no Sexy Curry and the catchiness of SHINPIN bring the singer’s trademark blend of acoustic layers and electronic elements in a renovated and more mature key, while straightforward numbers Nama Kill the Time 4 You and Dramatic Shiseikatsu briefly revisit her punk-ish roots in more articulated structures and arrangements, showing how everything Seiko has learned in her path is present in this record with enhanced care and maturity. It’s an improvement showcased through some of the richest instrumentals of her career, that particularly merge with success in more electronic oriented numbers, with Choshin Sedai Castella Standard MAGIC Maji KISS and its irresistible dreamy chorus as prime example, followed by the unpredictable Kkumi, Kkumi, whose contrast between heavy guitar riffs and a dreamy 70’s-like chorus that flows into a break featuring indian vibes spreads pure brilliance.

What makes these tracks so valuable is the surprising mastery whose this plethora of influences are merged together and delivered in an accessible key: Nothing in this record sounds chaotic or messed up, nor I ever had the impression to listen to a bunch of sonorities just randomly thrown together. Every section flows naturally, making all these influences and feelings reach the listener with great impact, other than granting variety and cohesiveness to the whole record.

Obviously, Seiko’s interpretation plays a primary role in making this experience so enjoyable. The singer takes a more delicate approach in laid-down tracks like the refreshing TOKYO BLACK HOLE and the lovely Aishiteru.com, to then reach higher emotional peaks in Kyushoku Tobansei Hantai and the theatrical closure Shojo Manga Shonen Manga. Whatever is the emotion conveyed or the vibe the singer tries to set, every track features heartfelt performances that fit the context passionately. As natural consequence, the whole record benefits from such a lively performance, that combined with the masterful instrumental work, falls into place to form a complex but accessible piece of work, making it one of the most enjoyable and valid Oomori Seiko albums to date.

It’s pretty clear at this point that Oomori Seiko is on top of the new wave of J-pop artists, and as the as the historical acts of the genre are slowly starting to fade, the singer is rising and conquering a legitimate and well deserved spot in the scene. From promising act for the future of Japanese music, Oomori Seiko is now a brilliant representation of its present, and it’s a privilege to be able to enjoy such heartfelt music in the mainstream reality.

Vote: / 10


2. Magic Mirror
3. Nama kill the time 4 you
4. Choshin Sedai Castella Standard MAGIC Maji KISS
5. Aishiteru.com
7. Sacchan no Sexy Curry
8. Gekiteki JOY! Before After
9. Kkumi, Kkumi
10. Dramatic Shiseikatsu
11. Mushusei Romantic ~Encho-sen~
12. Kyushoku Tobansei Hantai
13. Shojo Manga Shonen Manga

– Alex

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