Natsume Mito – Natsumelo | ALBUM REVIEW for Electric Bloom Webzine

A bit late on this one, but finally my review of Natsume Mito‘s debut record Natsumelo is online!

This record is as important for Mito as it is for Yasutaka Nakata, and they both did an amazing job here: Mito’s charisma and interpretation fits Nakata’s style greatly, and the production is overall brilliant. I can say without a shade of doubt that this is the best record Nakata has produced in years… I’d say since Kyary’s Nandacollection. It’s fast, fun, and full of different influences, both new and old; it has a clear modern touch, but at the same time it revisits sounds that are part of Nakata’s past, sometimes even going as far as including Shibuya-Kei and Chiptune bits.

Natsumelo is a great record that fans of both Mito and Nakata’s productions will undoubtedly love. Be sure to read my review on Electric Bloom Webzine!

– Alex