BOMI comes back with new track 「A_B」, and it’s just plain good

J-pop singer/songwriter (and also model) BOMI is back with a new Music Video for her new track, A_B. And boy, is it one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard lately.

A_B is good and accessible Japanese Electro-pop as it gets. Building up on a linear structure, a solid beat with a 80’s touch is coupled by delicate electric synth, that get stretched in the bridge to lead to a wonderfully catchy chorus. While the instrumental makes a great job in being accessible and very well detailed, BOMI’s vocals are the highlight of the track, exposing melodies that give a boost to the overall catchiness of the track. The Music Video, too, features some very nice CG touches, that create a nice contrast to the overall simple but effective direction.

With A_B, BOMI comes back with a nice, upbeat and catchy Synth-pop track that will make your day nicer. Be sure to check out the MV at the top of the article!

– Alex

BiSH go punk and destroy everything in “DEADMAN”

Alternative Idol group BiSH released yesterday a new track with respective Music Video titled DEADMAN, and as easily expectable, the girls go wild in this one. As always.

The sound of the group famously spaces between raw sonorities – mostly Rock and Metal – and this time around the short track (barely two minutes long) sees the six girls going into full Punk/Hardcore mode with relentless guitar riffs and alternate verses featuring both clean and harsh filtered vocals. It’s a fast, punchy track that does the job fine and fit the sound and charisma of the group well, and it’s exactly what all the BiSH fans want from these crazy girl.

The video shows the group strolling around Asakusa and Akihabara by night armed with baseball bats, hammers and various tools, “destroying” everything they find with some cool effects that clearly remind of a certain Porter Robinson video. Despite this, several elements from both the track and the MV are a clear tribute to BiS’ infamous track IDOL is DEAD, which is pretty cool and shows once again how BiSH love to pay homage to their predecessors. Also, wait for that ending.

DEADMAN will be released on May 4th as the group’s Major Debut single. Be sure to check it out!


– Alex