Soothing vibes and melodies are the highlights in Hino Hikari’s new track “Gekkō yoku”

Not sure about you guys, but for me, Wednesday is the most stressful day of the week. And if something annoying has to happen, it always happens on Wednesday. I don’t know why. It’s like one of those weird random things that always happen in Murakami’s books. But I digress.

As you can guess, my nonsensical aversion towards this particular day translates into another excuse to search for more chilling music. Today, Electronic artist Hino Hikari and his new track are exactly what I need: Gekkō yoku is a pleasant number where Ambient elements serve as background for a slow but pleasant progression, with delicate piano notes and chords intertwining with a distant low-fi beat. Instead of looping notes and passages, the track almost sounds like a calm improvisation; coupled with its reasonable length, the result is a pleasant listen that constantly keeps the interest up instead of anesthetizing the listener with excessive repetition.

Very nice track. Listen below.

Yūutsu’s self-titled record makes atmospheric soundscapes its main attraction

Browsing the newest releases on Bandcamp’s “Japan” tag can be kinda tiring at times (there’s a considerable amount of music added everyday), but when I started using this platform a month or so ago – cause I’m always late to the party – I’ve been gifted right away with something that grabbed my attention.

My first Bandcamp “encounter” takes the form of a self-titled debut record from Yokohama-based producer Yūutsu (literally, “melancholy”). If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I have a weak spot for atmospheric/ambient music, and in this record I’ve found a valuable companion to zone out during my late nights spent writing at my desk.

Yūutsu” holds steadily onto an atmospheric and trance-y approach throughout its eight tracks, but spaces throughout different influences at the same time, making each track a different and precise experience with several highlights worth mentioning: the opener “Sundrive” is a soothing Electronic number featuring delicate melodies and fresh-sounding synths, that somehow reminds me of the contrast between Shinagawa’s huge “mirror” skyscrapers and the deep blue sky of a sunny winter day of Tokyo; the following “Hedonism” takes elements of House and couples them with layers of dark synths and distant vocals, bringing my memory back to a night spent drinking in a bar barely illuminated by neons in Osaka’s Dotonbori district. Things get darker towards the end with the low-fi inspired “Mudai“, an ambient number revolving around a distant melody that mutates and gives a very trance-y feeling. Weirdly enough, the last track “(don’t) wait for me” ends the record on an unexpected brighter note, a strong contrast to the rest of the record, like an alarm clock suddenly ringing in the middle of the night. Which is not exactly good.

Yūutsu‘s material is nothing necessarily innovative, but it does a great job in summoning the atmospheres and images typical of the genre the producer adopts, while mixing them up in the process to create convincing results. The guys surely has talent. Listen below!

– Alex