Brand-new Idol Society release “Did not”, one of the best tracks since the unit’s return

If there’s one thing that music taught us in recent years, is that revamped projects trying to resuscitate the concept that made them famous in the first place usually can’t reach substantial results. In regard to this, I think BiS is adopting a smart behavior; it’s a common argument that the unit led by Pour Lui – in terms of visuals and concept – is not as provocative and daring as it used to be, and the whole team behind this project knows very well that trying to repeat what BiS did back in the days would be pointless today: they already did what they wanted to do, and that’s in the past. It’s clear that the unit is currently keeping a slightly lower profile, but it’s also experimenting with different influences and toying with its sound, an approach that’s currently giving good results, and that may bring to unexpected surprises in the future.

BiS recently released a music video for the upcoming single SOCiALiSM (May 31st), a pretty standard number featuring Ska-influences inherited from their last album. I thought it was an ok track: nothing outstanding, but not bad either, and the MV successfully showcased the personality of each girl, an element that kinda missed since the re-formation of the unit last year.

Today is the turn of the single’s B-side Did not, a track that showcases a relentless and straight-to-the-point approach thanks to fast-paced drumming and a subtle Metal touch that infiltrates in several sections, mostly in the verses and in the rhythmic patterns composing the chorus; there’s a lot of emphasis on melodies too, that keep the frantic vibe of the track up and culminate in a surprisingly solid guitar solo that leads to the last chorus flawlessly.

Fast, frantic, fun… Did not is a solid and well-crafted track, one of the best since the return of BiS. Listen below.

BiS keep trolling fans with new song “Human After All”


The rebirth of Alternative Idol group Brand new Idol Society, pioneering act of the niche, is still seen with suspicious eyes from the audience: To this day, many fans still question the necessity of reforming this historical unit, especially when BiSH’s success is growing bigger by the day. The “behavior” shown so far by the newly reformed unit hasn’t helped as well, with new members (recruited by leader Pour Lui) faking horrible vocal performances on stage for months, to then suddenly sing properly from one day to another. Of course, there’s also the story of the “rival group” SiS, who performed live once and then got immediately disbanded, to then be merged with Idol group GANG PARADE.

Simply put: the management behind these groups (a.k.a. Junnosuke Watanabe) just loves to troll and have fun seeing fans going crazy. Which is nothing new, really.

Whatever is going to happen next, for now BiS keeps on going with live shows, and new music as well. The unit just released a new song on Soundcloud, Human after all, which is nothing more than a Halloween-themed song with rock bits here and there: Thanks to a linear progression and a chorus kicking in unexpectedly, the track features a nice contrast, and thanks to a catchy lead melody it somehow works pretty well in being a light-hearted, ironic track. Be sure to listen to it down here.

It may not be what BiS fans were looking forward to, but it’s undeniably a fun track. And probably another joke by the girls and their management.

– Alex