BOMI comes back with new track 「A_B」, and it’s just plain good

J-pop singer/songwriter (and also model) BOMI is back with a new Music Video for her new track, A_B. And boy, is it one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard lately.

A_B is good and accessible Japanese Electro-pop as it gets. Building up on a linear structure, a solid beat with a 80’s touch is coupled by delicate electric synth, that get stretched in the bridge to lead to a wonderfully catchy chorus. While the instrumental makes a great job in being accessible and very well detailed, BOMI’s vocals are the highlight of the track, exposing melodies that give a boost to the overall catchiness of the track. The Music Video, too, features some very nice CG touches, that create a nice contrast to the overall simple but effective direction.

With A_B, BOMI comes back with a nice, upbeat and catchy Synth-pop track that will make your day nicer. Be sure to check out the MV at the top of the article!

– Alex