DaiDaiDai delivers an hypnotic performance in “Bokura dake boku darake”

DaiDaiDai is one of those names that I see floating around the depths of Alt Idol communities pretty frequently, yet I actually never got the chance to listen to their music until today. Going in blind, without a clue of what to expect at all, I was genuinely floored when I finally decided to give these five girls a chance today with their new song “Bokura dake boku darake“.

The track is a frantic and space-y electronic journey, that delivers an atmospheric performance thanks to filtered vocals served on the base of fast percussions with roots in Drum ‘n’ bass, smartly sped up and brought into Noise borders to create a pleasant contrast with layers of airy – almost soothing – synthesizers; the number is short and structurally linear, a fitting pattern for a formula that heavily relies on atmosphere and unpredictable rhythmic outbursts, successfully delivering a particular yet engaging experience.

This is one of the most noticeable new tracks this week, and I highly recommend it. Listen to DaiDaiDai‘s new track  “Bokura dake boku darake” and watch the MV down below!

– Alex

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