Yurumerumo (You’ll melt more!) slows down a little bit, but keeps it solid with『うんめー』

Yurumerumo (You’ll melt more!) is one of the most intriguing Idol acts out there, and also the one producers and musicians apparently have the most fun with, considering the number of high-profile artists taking care of their music (and those who feature them in their own works). As natural consequence, the unit’s sound spaces throughout several musical influences, with a recent New Wave turn that particularly fit the sound of the four girls.

With “Unme” – a new track released just today – Yurumerumo slows down a little bit and pursues a slower and more standard course, but keeps it interesting by maintaining the elements typical of the unit’s songwriting, such as energetic drum patterns hidden in several sections, and a bridge enriched by an electric guitar solo coupled by the unit’s typical back choirs. It’s a simple track, but at the same time it does everything possible to be engaging, showcasing a meticulous attention for details typical of Yurumerumo’s works.

Whatever this unit does, it’s always filled with care and smart songwriting, even when it’s something less eclectic like this track. Which is probably the main reason why everything Yurumerumo does is just worth listening. Be sure to listen to the track and watch the video down below!

– Alex

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