Have a nice Day! and Seiko Oomori team up in “Fantastic Drag”

When the collaborative track between Electronic outfit Have a Nice Day! and singer/songwriter Seiko Oomori was announced, I was honestly excited: they’re two of the artists I enjoy and follow the most right now, and their striking charisma and way of composing music makes them some of the freshest artists in the scene. The track was actually released on late April, but its music video has been released just yesterday on Japan-focused YouTube channel Lute, so I thought it was the right time to express my feelings about it.

Fantastic Drag is an Electronic number where Have a Nice Day’s typical synth melodies are looped to infinity as usual, featuring actual verses instead of the same phrase repeated over and over again; it all sounds nice and not different from what the group usually delivers in their energetic live shows in underground venues in Shinjuku, and that’s really all I expected and wanted to hear from them. Seiko Oomori takes care of the second verse, and she delivers as usual, thanks to her extremely dynamic voice and versatile interpretation: she’s one of the few artists that just can fit in every context, no matter if it’s an Idol pop anthem or a raw Punk number. She just sings her heart out, and it works great among the Electronic intricacy of Have a Nice Day’s synthesizer layers.

Yet, I can’t help but feel… underwhelmed. The song is undoubtedly good, both artists just do what they usually do in this track, but at the same time it doesn’t dare to go beyond that, and ultimately there’s really nothing that truly makes it stand out. It’s the sum of two talented artists, and the result is obviously good, but the feeling that this collaboration could have been much more exciting still lingers around my head. Maybe it’s because of its linearity, or the fact that I find the track unnecessary long, and while I don’t mind it at all, I still think this could have been a much more intriguing showcase of two artists with unique charisma.

Listen to Fantastic Drag down here, and enjoy the MV (which is very nice).

– Alex

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