Acidclank’s new track “Rocks” is just as good as you would expect

I can say without a shade of doubt that Acidclank is currently one of my favorite Indie artists from Japan; the outfit’s 2015 debut record “Inner” was a pleasant and various record mostly based on Brit Rock influences, while last year’s “Night In” EP shown a side of the project that leaned towards slower and nostalgic vibes, an approach that greatly fits the band’s sound (it was one of my favorite releases of 2016).

Acidclank is finally back on the scene with Rocks, title track taken from the outfit’s first single set to be released on June 14. This indie Rock number finds the outfit mostly merging influences from both “Inner” and “Night In” in a seamless way, with raw-sounding riffs and up-tempo drum patterns backed up by melancholic melodies, with a redundant guitar solo placed right before the end of the track that noticeably boosts the nostalgic mood of the track; it’s a straight to the point song, but it’s also very well detailed and crafted, showcasing a sound that now more than ever represents this band’s identity.

As a fan of the group, I’m very excited to see what they have in store for this new single, sure that more valid tuned are on the way. Listen below.

– Alex

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