CLOCK & BOTAN’s “Gloomy” is a solid and beautiful debut for Ayano Yanagisawa

After the disbandment of crow-themed Idol unit BELLRING GIRLS HEART last year (reformed recently under the name THERE THERE THERES), almost each member of the original group took its own road to start new projects. Member Ayano Yanagisawa is the only one who decided to go solo, and with her first single Gloomy released just yesterday, the Music Video for the title track is now available as well. And I absolutely love it.

The track is a simple and straight to the point Pop number, but acoustic riffs and retro-sounding layers of synthesizer give it a melancholic and beautiful vibe that just works wonders with Ayano’s vocal lines. Gloomy is a very heartfelt track, and the way so many emotions are conveyed in such a simple and friendly structure is a sign of remarkable skills in the songwriting department.

I love everything about this. Be sure to listen to the track and watch the video below!

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