Satomimagae’s new record “Kemri” is a dark and heartfelt journey worth looking forward to

Today’s discovery is Satomimagae, a singer/songwriter who debuted in 2012 under Tokyo’s White Paddy Mountain label. Kemri is the third album of the singer’s discography, and is set to be released on June 6, but you can already listen to three of the eleven tracks on Bandcamp right now (check below). After listening to these songs, I was honestly pretty impressed with this girl’s music.

Ethereal vocals and clear acoustic guitar notes are the base for Satomimagae’s compositions, that occasionally get enriched by atmospheric elements that take the form of brief but massive waves of Electronic effects, who take the spotlight right away in the opener Bulse. The soundscapes Satomimagae successfully summons are the result of a cold yet heartfelt vibe, a contrast of emotions particularly noticeable in Leak, that often uses the help of distant electric guitar notes that slightly remind of Shoegaze vibes. There’s also space for more soothing and less haunting vibes, as shown in Mebuki“, where the singer’s delicate voice flies above a layer of ethereal back-vocals, conveying a strong sense of melancholy.

From this brief but substantial preview, “Kemri” sounds like a record that sets a clear mood and plays with it by briefly welcoming different vibes and moods, making each track a story of its own. Satomimagae‘s formula is strong as the emotions she conveys in these numbers, which is why Kemri is now one of the albums I’m looking forward to the most right now. Be sure to listen below.

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