NoGht’s “Nostalgic Radiance” is a perfect track to kick off the week

Let’s kick off the week with something engaging and soothing, shall we? Something that delicately wakes your brain up on a Monday morning in just the right way. I would never try to wake you up with EDM or Black Metal, so you can trust me.

Osaka-based producer NoGht just released its new track “Nostalgic Radiance“, a five-minutes Electronic number that showcases remarkable skills in several departments; the track revolves around a simple yet effective riff, that takes the listener throughout mutating soundscapes made of dreamy details that constantly emerge and progress, briefly cut only by a small breakdown that leads to a final section marked by stronger melodies and drum patterns. Progression and structure are definitely the highlights here, and despite its length, this track does an amazing job at keeping the vibe up.

Nostalgic Radiance” is a well-crafted track from NoGht, that showcases a remarkable use of melodies and details to create precise soundscapes. Nice one to kick off the week. Listen below!

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