Come to my party creates a neat fusion of different influences in “Julius EP”

I think this may be the best discovery I made in a while… Tokyo-based outfit come to my party released a new EP titled “Julius” a few weeks ago, and I’ve been hooked to this release since it came out. Throughout the three tracks composing this extended play, the group takes bits of many influences – mainly Indie Pop and Alt Rock – and puts them in a delicate Electronic frame that mostly takes the role of vivid rhythmic sections, with filtered vocals on top that add a fitting atmospheric touch to the package; the second track /99 in particular is a prime example of this formula, with melancholic guitar notes summoning vibes typical of Indie Pop that work wonders in the context of these tracks.

A brief but very solid release, “Julius” EP showcases a well-crafted combination of influences delicately merged together. If Indie Rock/Pop watered down with Electronic and atmospheric layers sounds like something you might enjoy, then this is a must. Be sure to listen down here.

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