Naminori explores uplifting yet soothing vibes in “Wandā / Surf”

I just went through a complete “inspection” of this blog, improving all the main articles and guides (that you can find in the main menu bar up here). Obviously, I also had to fix all the mistakes I made when I wrote these pieces back in 2014… I cringed a little bit, I admit it. But I’m satisfied with the result. The guides now have more informations, many artists have been added to the “Artists and Genres” section, and the overall blog should be more pleasant to read now. It took me a whole week to fix all this, and despite being very satisfied, I can’t help but feel… exhausted.

So what’s better than some nice and soothing music to relax a bit and gain back some energy? Luckily, Osaka-based Rock outfit Naminori provided me with just what I needed with their new release Wandā / Surf. This single features two tracks that adopt different approaches, but still feel unified by the same easy-going and relaxing vibe: Wandā makes its catchy and carefree chorus its main attraction, keeping up interest with a structure that often slows down to then charge again in the pre-chorus, backed up by a lovely synth that gives a cozy vibe to the track; Surf is a more straightforward number that highlights a calmer mood, making a smart use of acoustic layers backed up by occasional synth solos that help expose the guitar work in the background.

Simple, soothing, and enjoyable. Just what I needed. Listen down here.

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