Suiyoubi no Campanella release MV for “Unico”, KOM_I is obviously the star of the show

Electronic outfit Suiyoubi no Campanella, fronted by singer KOM_I – master of the noble art of not giving a shit – just released a music video for Unico, one of the tracks featured in the group’s mini album UMAreleased last year.

This is the second track from Campanella’s major debut release that gets a Music Video, and it’s kind of unusual how they’re trying to somehow expose this record (that received mixed reviews) even after the release of this year’s highly acclaimed SUPERMAN. My guess is that they’re trying to valorize the tracks from UMA that were somehow overshadowed by the release of their newest record, using the artistic power of their team to make these tracks shine again, which I think is a very smart move; I like artists who don’t forget about their previous albums. Unico is the slowest number from UMA, and I still think it’s one of the best from this particular release: KOM_I’s vocals perfectly fit the soothing and relaxing vibe of this track, and they kinda remind me of the mellow numbers from the outfit’s pre-major era.

Needless to say, KOM_I is the star of this video, and if you’ve been following Suiyoubi no Campanella you know she’s definitely… unique. I love her personality and how she simply wants to be herself anywhere. This video is particularly funny as she’s pretty much making everyone’s head turn like “what’s… this girl even doing?”. I love her.

Enjoy the video down here!

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