Curumi Chronicle’s “Kimi ga kure ta sutōrī” is a beautiful track that reopens an old wound

Curumi Chronicle was an indie Techno-pop singer produced by Usagi Disco. She was active for only two years, from 2013 to 2015, in which she released one studio record, an EP, and two singles. All of them were outstanding releases.

To me, she was also the savior of Techno-pop, the only heiress of that Perfume-inspired futuristic yet somehow soothing sound. Usagi Disco, a young promising producer from Osaka (that, in all honesty, wouldn’t have no problem in producing Perfume today) was the man behind these compositions, and still to this day, he’s one of the most talented producers in the indie scene.

Despite her short career, Curumi Chronicle and Usagi constantly adopted several sounds from the Electronic sphere while exploring different vibes, and every experimentation was a success that exposed both artists’ talent in adapting to different soundscapes and get the best out of them. It hardly ever happens that an artist successfully embraces so many different vibes in its sound, yet Curumi’s music and performance always shown a great cure for details and, most of all, lots of emotions.

Almost an year ago, for the anniversary of her first solo live and last performance held in 2015, she released her last track “Kimi ga kure ta sutōrī” exclusively on her Soundcloud page. No one talked about it, and since I don’t really follow this platform, I’ve discovered it only now (yes, I feel ashamed).

But here it is, her last track, produced by both Curumi and Usagi (she also took care of the lyrics). And it’s good, as everything she has ever done. Her cold yet pleasant “Techno” timbre, her gentle interpretation, the dreamy melodies, the focus on instrumental sections after the chorus and the bridge… it’s a lovely showcase of Curumi’s classic formula, and why it was and will always be so good. 

At the same time, looking back at everything she has done, this track is only the tip of the iceberg. And despite being some sort of goodbye song, it prompts to go back to everything she has done in her career with great passion. There are so many different sounds and approaches she adopted in her music, so in case you’re interested, you should totally listen to her complete discography here.

Curumi decided to end her career after only two years, and I can’t help but think what she could have become. Allow me to say: I sincerely miss this girl. I really miss her. At the same time, I can’t help but completely understand her decision: the music industry is not a world for everyone. But I’m grateful she put all her talent and effort in music until she felt like doing it. I’ll keep looping her now unfindable records in my player, and remember all the good times her music gave me.

– Alex

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