sora tob sakana – Cocoon EP | Review

Release Date: April 11th
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Flying Penguin Records

Sora tob sakana explores deeper emotions and atmospheric soundscapes in this record, and it works wonders

Following the highly praised debut record that made 2016 considerably better for the Idol scene, Idol unit Sora tob sakana is back with a new release that takes the form of a six-tracks extended play titled “Cocoon EP“.

Well known and beloved in the underground niche for their talented production team and classy concept, sora tob sakana shown a rock-solid structure in every aspect so far; their self-titled debut record showcased impressive technical prowess, with compositions that made the classic patterns of Math Rock the core of the unit’s sound, while framing it with the flashiness of Synth-pop.

Cocoon EP” doesn’t get too far from the original formula, yet it ventures towards a melancholic and overall more atmospheric direction, an artistic choice that well fits the sound of the unit. The record sets the bar high immediately with “ribbon“, one of the most emotional and genuinely beautiful tracks the unit ever had, a perfect fusion of sounds enriched with atmospheric soundscapes, that gains even more pathos if coupled with the beautiful Music Video. The following “Time machine ni Sayonara” lifts the mood up (maybe a little too much), but it’s more of an isolated case when put in the context of the record, as the unit keeps on experimenting with different vibes without sacrificing cohesiveness. The common thread in “Cocoon EP” mostly lies in the adaptation of the unit’s trademark technique applied to Electronic influences – something that’s especially noticeable in the rhythmic department – and merges it with delicate guitar melodies and occasional aggressive riffs, kinda reverting the roles of the two sides composing Sakana’s sound. It’s a different and smart take on the same formula, featuring a slightly different mood that works wonders when coupled with the girls’ vocals, that bring good interpretation and more relevant vocal lines.

Cocoon EP” is a strong successor to sora tob sakana’s outstanding debut record, that delivers the same valid formula in a more refined and slightly different way. Another solid and well-crafted release not to miss.

– Alex

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