The Pats Pats release “A.A.A”, a catchy and engaging number that’s worth your time

I’ve already heard about The Pats Pats in the past, but actually never stumbled upon their music until today. This Tokyo-based duo, composed by bassist Midori and guitarist Akiko, generally follows a classic Pop Rock formula, but makes it way more interesting thanks to a noticeable technical prowess, that creates some remarkable moments in “A.A.A” : there’s an unexpected refrain in the middle of the track, which is immediately followed by dynamic drum patterns enriched by crispy bass lines, with occasional guitar solos that keep up the vibe without stealing the spotlight. All of this is paired with engaging guitar riffs and a chorus that’s beautifully catchy, making this track right-away enjoyable while being technically relevant. It’s a surprisingly solid formula, and it works very well.

Be sure to catch the video for “A.A.A” down here, as well as The Pats Pats Bandcamp page. These girls are very good.

– Alex

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