Tentenko’s “Loop. echo” is a beautifully oppressive piece, and it has a Music Video.

Despite her major debut last year, Tentenko didn’t give up on her continuous stream of independent CD-Rs released through her own label TenTen Records. And I’m really glad for this, because it keeps her personal and darker take on experimental music alive, which I see as fundamental when it comes to the artistic value of the ex-BiS member.

Just today a few hours ago, Tentenko released a new Music Video for “Loop. echo” (Rūpu. ekō), a new track featured in her upcoming CD-R “Living in the Box”. Leaving aside the  “Good bye, good girl” and Major label MVs, I think this is her first video for a track featured in one of her CD-Rs. In any case, I’m glad she did, cause not only she can convey clear and striking feelings through music, but she is very well capable of choosing the appropriate shots for her videos to fit the mood of the track (the video was probably shot with her phone, and then edited). The track combines various elements of the sounds she adopted in the past, in a very minimalist approach that subtly – but effectively – showcases details and influences in determined spots: it all comes in little bits, that enrich the track without overlapping the sense of oppression and minimalism composing it. A delicate but very effective approach.

Be sure to catch Tentenko’s video for “Loop. echo” down here!

– Alex

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