Housei Satoh’s “TRUE BLUE” is a solid, straight to the point Trance release

Even back in my teenager metalhead days (I’m glad you didn’t know me back then) Trance music was something that I always listened with great pleasure. Generally, I’m hardly ever in the mood for hard-hitting Electronic music, but the atmosphere and the massive revolutionary-like vibes summoned by Trance slowly made this genre a pleasant way for me take a break and zone out for a while.

Japan is home to lots of great Trance artists, and in the last decade, Housei Satoh is one of the producers that consistently delivered a classic yet solid formula that just won’t get old, showcasing the skills and the great sense of melody of the Kumamoto-based producer. Back with a three-tracks release titled TRUE BLUE, Satoh takes its time to properly build up solid rhythmic sessions alternated to long atmospheric breaks usually taking place right in central sections, with melodies that come and go in different forms that keep the vibe up.

A brief yet consistent release, Housei Satoh’s TRUE BLUE will undoubtedly make your day better if Trance is your cup of tea. Be sure to listen to it down here!

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