Rants in music journalism are useless

If Kyary dropped another “Easta” tomorrow, the first thing that would come to my mind would be to write yet another piece on how everything she does is not worth a second of my time, acting like i never talked about it. This despise (or hate, as someone would call it, without considering the actual meaning and weight of the word) comes from delusion. It’s the disappointment of seeing what once used to be one of my favorite artists now trapped in a hole, and pretty much just begging for money. It hurts to see something you love turning into something bad, and anger is our self-defense against this.

It’s good to write spontaneously, but that shouldn’t justify a lack of meaning behind a piece, and I’ve made this mistake a few times in the past. Not that I fully regret it: what you read here on my blog is what I think, and it comes from my passion for music. But I sure could have put it in a more meaningful, and useful, way.

Because a mere rant is useless. A waste of time, both for the writer and the reader.

Still, when coupled with arguments and self-control over emotions, a rant can blossom into a meaningful piece. If there’s one thing I learned during these years, is that every article needs a driving force, a meaning that comes and go constantly throughout a flow of words, and ultimately strikes the reader when it reaches the end. A mere rant, on the other hand, leaves nothing in the mind of the reader, except for a feeling of frustration: it’s a piece that comes from passion, but it’s conveyed through uncontrolled anger. The execution is what needs to be changed, and consequentially, the output will be different as well: instead of a rant you get a piece.

This is more a reminder to myself than anything, but I thought I would share it with you. Recognizing a mistake and taking notes is the only way I can get better at this.

Things are going well, and I have a few, very exciting news coming in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

– Alex

3 thoughts on “Rants in music journalism are useless

  1. Very well said, and I can (and should) apply the same ideas to my own occasional Facebook rants and semi-rants. But in the case of your piece on KPP, I think the spontaneous tone and relative lack of “polish” was appropriate and effective. It’s kind of like when a person never shouts or uses obscenity, and then something really important comes up and that person does both: it REALLY gets our attention.

    You’ve more than earned the right to vent now and then, by posting a long series of incredibly thoughtful and well written pieces; and that one got my attention enough to send me back to some of her earlier videos, which (1) was a lot of fun and (2) convinced me even more of the accuracy of your view.

    Semi related point: As I’ve been watching the artists you’ve reviewed recently, and of course the other videos that pop up on the screen as I go along, I’ve been thinking how wonderful it would be to see some of that true originality and quirkiness from Nakata-sama in upcoming Perfume songs. Whatever he gives them, their skills and personalities make it even better; and they can handle anything! I really long for something profoundly different and adventurous (as much of a departure from current practice as was Edge, for example), but I fear that he will continue to turn out cute, solid, but very commercial stuff for them. It seems to me that the magic is fading somewhat, and it doesn’t have to be that way!

    Finally, I dearly hope that your exciting news includes moving to Japan. Whatever it is, stay well, and please keep doing what you’re doing.


    • Hey James!

      I do come back on her older videos as well, and every time is a blast. She was really good back then! As for Perfume, I too think they need a breeze of fresh air in their music. At the same time, though, I think it’s hardly gonna happen, as (sadly) the unavoidable end of their career gets closer, and I can’t see such a big twist coming at this point. My prediction is that they will drop a new album next year (maybe with less western influences) and then wrap everything up with a final tour. I’d be totally happy if I was wrong though, haha.

      Thank you for reading, I appreciate it 🙂


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