Sora tob sakana kicks off 2017 with new track ‘Yakan Hikō’


Happy new year my friends! Hope you had a nice time during the holidays. I hate holidays, so I’m glad they’re over.

I’m happy to be back here on the blog to write about great Japanese music again. And what better way to kick off Land of the Rising Sound’s 2017 with one of the most surprising artists from last year?

If you read the TOP 5 of my favorite Japanese albums of 2016, you know Alt Idol outfit sora tob sakana rocked the scene hard last year; their first self-titled record was an incredibly good piece of work, with a fresh mixture of Post-rock and Electronic music as highlight, also framed by great vocal lines provided by the four young girls composing this unit, that’s finally taking off after two years of activities.

Sora tob sakana is riding the wave of the popularity boost received from last year’s record, performing live on a regular basis, and, obviously, dropping new music. The unit’s new song Yakan Hikō, premiered live just a few days ago, is indeed now available to listen on Soundcloud, and it’s pretty much everything I was expecting… which is a good thing.

Yakan Hikō pretty much revolves around the formula that made the first album so good, but gives it a new shape and vibe at the same time. Aiming for more atmospheric soundscapes, the track gives more space to layers of synth, while keeping the melodic goodness typical of the Terui Yoshimasa productions slightly distant, but still close enough to give that touch of pleasant catchiness.

I really like this track, and I’m looking forward to more music from sora tob sakana. Their music and live presence is just great, and even people who aren’t really into Idol music in general, are starting to appreciate this unit, which is a great accomplishment for these girls. Hopefully we’ll get to talk about them more often in the future!

– Alex

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