BOMI comes back with new track 「A_B」, and it’s just plain good

J-pop singer/songwriter (and also model) BOMI is back with a new Music Video for her new track, A_B. And boy, is it one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard lately.

A_B is good and accessible Japanese Electro-pop as it gets. Building up on a linear structure, a solid beat with a 80’s touch is coupled by delicate electric synth, that get stretched in the bridge to lead to a wonderfully catchy chorus. While the instrumental makes a great job in being accessible and very well detailed, BOMI’s vocals are the highlight of the track, exposing melodies that give a boost to the overall catchiness of the track. The Music Video, too, features some very nice CG touches, that create a nice contrast to the overall simple but effective direction.

With A_B, BOMI comes back with a nice, upbeat and catchy Synth-pop track that will make your day nicer. Be sure to check out the MV at the top of the article!

– Alex

3 thoughts on “BOMI comes back with new track 「A_B」, and it’s just plain good

  1. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD…. Just when I thought there was enough girls in Japan for me to fall in love with and wish were my girlfriend, Yep, here comes Bomi with an amazing vocal delivery that I’ve instantly melted over! The video was nice too, especially that, um, beginning scene. I like how Bomi does what she knows… being a model and at a model shoot, it works for her to strip down like she did because she does that probably a lot when doing model shoots, so she looks completely natural in underwear. Plus she’s toned, so why not show it off?
    For me though, the real meat of this song is after that buildup. THAT CHORUS! Wow. Just wow. She hits that super high falsetto style note at the end of it and, yeah, I’ve been pwned big time by Bomi.
    More from her, please? Please? Please!!!!!????
    Grade: A+++


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