Suiyoubi no Campanella gets back on track with new single “SUPERKID”

Earlier this year, Suiyoubi no Campanella‘s Electro-pop made its long-awaited entrance into the mainstream scene, with several strong records under the belt as guarantee for a major label contract. Far from being a bad record, though, the debut mini album UMA didn’t fully convince the outfit’s ever growing audience, delivering good songs as well as numbers who felt uninspired and kinda rushed, a worrying signal considering the project’s well known meticulous attention for details.

From an artistic standpoint, transitions to major labels can be kind of problematic, and some artists need some time before adapting to what is undoubtedly a new reality: this is one of those cases.

Campanella’s new single, titled SUPERKID, indeed brings the project back on the high standards that spoiled us for the last four years. Featuring three new songs, this release is a short but pleasant showcase of the trio’s outstanding compositional skills, punctually framed by KOM_I’s unique charisma. Aladdin kicks in with a 80’s pop beat, following a linear structure that emphasizes vocals to boost the chorus’ entrance, while the bridge leaves space to an instrumental section, creating a good balance with KOM_I’s lyrical nonsense. Kamehameha Daiou tricks the listener with soothing vocals, while subtly implementing noisy effects and synths in the meanwhile, to then completely shift into Electronic madness towards the end, leading to an unexpected EDM drop that kicks in flawlessly: Connecting several influences and tempo changes between different sections has always been one of the project’s highlights, and it’s well represented in this track. Matsuo Bashou goes back to the classic Campanella formula, with the instrumental taking a step back to leave space to KOM_I’s remarkable interpretation, delivering the catchiest chorus of the single and a pleasant soothing vibe.

With SUPERKID, Suiyoubi no Campanella gets back on track, and sets the bar high once again for future releases. Everything that makes this project so unique is present throughout this single, and only high hopes are left for everything they have in store for us.

– Alex

One thought on “Suiyoubi no Campanella gets back on track with new single “SUPERKID”

  1. Blown away. Really catch song, really nostalgic in its feel too, like something you would hear shopping in Shibuya at 109, back in maybe 1990. Also just strange, as to be expected from the queen of strange, and I mean this in the best possible way. Oomori Seiko would be proud!


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