BiSH – KiLLER BiSH | ALBUM REVIEW for Electric Bloom Webzine


As I hinted in my last Blog post, I wrote a review for the new BiSH record, KiLLER BiSH.

For the first time though, I didn’t write it for my blog, but for another website: Electric Bloom Webzine, an English website entirely focused on Japanese Music, with some interesting features, such as interviews with well-known acts, reviews and news.

I just started collaborating with them, and some of my reviews will be featured in the site. Don’t worry about the content, or the style: they’re written exactly as if they should get published here on my blog (as you will notice in the link below). So no compromises. Of course my blog will constantly be updated with articles and reviews as well 🙂

Anyway, enough talk. KiLLER BiSH is a super nice record: surely a strong 7.5 / 8 score. You can read my review at the following link.


I’ll see you guys soon, with a new article that will be up next week.

Stay tuned! 🙂

– Alex

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