[BLOG] Summer is over. Finally.


Hey guys, it’s Alex!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty much inactive for the last three months. Living in a tourist costal area translates into super busy and chaotic summers, which means working 12 hours a day, with little to no time to concentrate on pretty much any other thing. Well, except for nocturnal Pokémon GO adventures with my friends. Getting closer to our 30’s, yo.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean I haven’t wrote anything at all (keeping it for later) or completely ignored music: I have observed everything with a vigilant eye, just like Oliver Sykes stalks MOA-METAL around festivals.

To make it short, here are my thoughts on the last three months in Japanese Music.

Short and superficial recap of Summer 2016 in Japanese Music.

Hikki‘s new songs are nice. I think Fantôme is gonna be a good album, something that we’ll eventually verify in just three days. It’s gonna be a big event, and you will find a review of the record here on the blog. Oh, and of course it’ll top the Oricon chart… with some pretty big numbers.

– One of my favorite ex-indie acts, DAOKO, a girl that’s getting way too hot by the way, has been pulling out very shallow and uninspired music lately. Her latest track with TeddyLoid (the one who probably granted her the entry to the mainstream world) is particularly bad. Not surprised there, to be honest. Not even Skrillex cares about *woobz* anymore. C’mon bro…

Perfume killed it in the U.S. with their COSMIC EXPLORER Tour. And Team Perfume crafted an incredible performance for the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Forever proud.

SMAP disbanded. ’bout time.

Sakanaction‘s new single release has been delayed to October 19th. That’s ok, I just need the new album. No problem Yamaguchi-san. No problem at all. *loops Rookie*

BiS are back with new members and leader Pour Lui. They performed live twice, and it was so embarrassing I almost cried: imagine if me (drunk) and KOHH (on acids) were together on stage trying to sing nerve: yes, it’s that bad. I still hope this is some kind of bad joke.

– BiS’ sister/rival group SiS has been created, too. And… yeah. That’s it for now.

BiSH recruited a new member, Ayuni D, and she’s adorable. They also dropped a new album, KiLLER BiSH, that I just finished reviewing right now. The article will be online next Wednesday on an English website. You’ll find a link here in my blog, so stay tuned!

– The Perfume x OK Go track I Don’t Understand You was… meh. And barely featured any Perfume vocals. Whatever.

Spotify is finally coming to Japan next week… things are starting to change for Japan too. As expected. I’ll talk about this later.

– There was a Bikini Night at ageHa just tonight… and I’m here posting Idol pics on Facebook.

That’s it for this short recap! There are some interesting releases for this last part of 2016 that I will review, and more arguments to talk about, which means more articles. Long story short: summer is finally over, and I will be back writing again as usual. When I’m not out playing Pokémon GO, of course.

Joke. Love ya.

– Alex

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