Idol Mayu Tomita regains consciousness after two weeks from assault


Mayu Tomita (20), the Idol stabbed several times by a man before a show on May 21st, has opened her eyes today, and regained consciousness for the first time after two weeks fighting for her life.

According to Japanese newspapers, despite being stabbed over twenty times, her vital organs are apparently safe.

When Mayu’s condition will get better (hopefully soon) Police will ask for details about the incident. In the meanwhile, the man that assaulted the girl after stalking her for months (Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27) is currently under arrest.

It makes me really glad to see Mayu’s conditions getting better, and I hope she will be able to recover from this terrible experience as soon as possible. This girl needs nothing but love and support now.

I’ll keep you updated.

Source: Nippon Television, Sankei, TOKYO GIRLS’UPDATE

– Alex

One thought on “Idol Mayu Tomita regains consciousness after two weeks from assault

  1. This is the best news that could come out of such a horrible, horrible situation. I really am wishing the best for Mayu chan. If she decides to come back, her debut back into the idol world is going to be nothing short of epic. But first things first, I hope she can regain her health and survive. I really, really have been thinking about her these past few weeks, and praying for her recovery. God answered at least part of my prayers today! Ganbatte!!!!


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