Acidclank is a stunning Indie Rock/Pop project worth listening to


I’m still pretty new to the indie and underground scenes of Japan. In the last few months, I tried to explore these worlds as much as possible, making some great discoveries that made my research for new and almost unknown groups wonderfully rewarding. I’m starting to think the real treasure of Japanese music, the one I wrongly claimed to have found six years ago, is actually hidden in small clubs and underground bars lost in the suburbs of Japan’s cities.

As if to give strength to this, a few days ago I received an email from Yota, young singer and guitarist of the Indie rock outfit Acidclank. As regular self promotion from these groups, I found a Bandcamp link and in the message… and man, I’m so glad this guy contacted me. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that this is some of the best music I listened so far this year.

Acidclank self-released two records: the 2015 full length Inner, and the EP Night In, released just a month ago. While the first greatly implements British rock/Shoegaze influences and successfully exposes the talent of this guy in composing valuable tracks, the latter is the one that got me totally hooked: Composed by two tracks, Night In is a brief but extremely pleasant experience, and one that will catch you in no time. The soothing title track, made of delicate acoustic riffs and electric guitar melodies, traps the listener in a mood that could fit a late night walk in Osaka’s Namba district, or in the district of Shinjuku beautifully represented in the record’s cover. The distant vocals, the rich but not invasive arrangement, and the overall vibe of the track, makes Night In one of the best tunes I heard in recent times. The upbeat Yolna delicately leans on the electronic side, with digital beats and fresh synths balanced by a great progression of acoustic chords, keeping itself close to the previous works of the band with distant and filtered vocals.

Acidclank is a valid and talented group that deserves your attention: While the first album is a great piece of work that doesn’t hide its well adapted influences, Night In is an heartfelt and pleasant EP, that gives hope for a future album featuring a fresh and enjoyable sound.

Be sure to listen and freely download Acidclank’s music on Bandcamp, and let me know what you think about it down here in the comments!

– Alex


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