Aira Mitsuki releases new track “Detective A”, still no sign of a new album

Just three weeks after the release of the second digital single since her comeback, Aira Mitsuki appears on the radar once again with yet another track titled Detective A.

The new effort from the Techno-pop singer doesn’t take distance from the previously released songs, even though it actually feels closer to Days than Lightsaver: It’s the usual feel-good-Techno-pop formula we’re familiar with, made of soothing electronic bass lines, high-pitched synths and vocals vocoded into oblivion. Doctor A may feel a bit more disjointed when compared to the previous singles and not as catchy, but it’s still quite an enjoyable listen.

I’m glad Aira is back and releasing new tracks, but after three digital singles, all we need now is a new album, her definitive comeback. Everyone is waiting: it’s time for that announcement.

Be sure to listen to a short snippet of the track above, and let me know what you think about it!

– Alex

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