Tricot stroll around Europe and spread Math Rock goodness in “Setsuyakuka”

It’s always a good day when tricot unveil new music. The most remarkable skill of the all-female trio has always been its ability to make the complex layers of math rock accessible through a welcoming – almost pop-ish – approach, and the group’s new track Setsuyakuka is a great showcase of this refreshing style.

Premiered today through the group’s YouTube channel along with a new Music Video, Setsuyakuka brings the pleasant signature sound that made tricot one of the most interesting acts to follow in recent years: With melodic riffs and frantic drumming flowing progressively on a dynamic structure, every section gives a cohesive feel to the track, and Ikkyu’s vocals are always on point. It’s classic tricot, and it works great, especially for those who are taking the first step into the sound of this band, and of the vast Japanese Math Rock scene as well.

Setsuyakuka will be featured on the band’s upcoming KABUKU EP, set to be released on April 27th. You can be sure to find my review here on my blog on the release date.

Enjoy this new track above, and stay tuned for more!

– Alex

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