A new chapter in the “WTF Japan” saga: Kamen Joshi “supports” Donald Trump

Ladies and gentlemen, rejoice: we may be in front of yet another “WTF Japan” moment!

Idol group Kamen Joshi,  mostly known for wearing masks on stage and for their unquestionable marketing skills, released a video through their YouTube channel in “support” of… Donald Trump. Yup, that blonde dude running up for president in the U.S, who’s been creating quite a fuss for his statements about immigrants and many other matters.

The video kicks off with a message from the girls (sporting Donal Trump’s T-shirts) saying they want to help “Make America great again!”, the notorious slogan of the Republican’s candidate. Right after this pretty ridiculous intro, they start dancing to their own song Genkidane☆, mostly know for reaching the top of the Oricon chart in January with its twelve editions, taking full advantage of the non-sense nature of Japan’s most famous ranking . During the short dance, several messages appear on screen, referring to some of Trump’s most infamous statements like “Build the wall, make it 10 feet higher!”, “We want to come to America legally!”, but also “Power level is over 9000!” and “Make Anime real, donate ¥0!”, showing how, in the end, this is nothing more than a joke. A bad one for sure, but still a joke, as pointed out in the description of the video.

What kinda annoys me the most here, is… why you wanna do something like this? I know the will of drawing attention is strong with this group, and I do enjoy looking at Kamiya Erina’s gifts, but why? Can’t they just try something else to grab attention like, uhm, doing actual decent music or something at least conceptually interesting? Was it really necessary to create another “Weird Japan” moment for the world to see? I know Donald Trump is a trending topic these days, but using it to try to become the next viral thing on the web… that’s pretty ridiculous. Especially considering how these girls clearly have no idea who Donald Trump actually is.

Overall, despite being a joke, this is pretty stupid. But you know what’s even more stupid? The people who’s taking it seriously.

Have a nice week!

– Alex

One thought on “A new chapter in the “WTF Japan” saga: Kamen Joshi “supports” Donald Trump

  1. hard to say alex, whether they are serious or not is up to the manager. you know the rich lucky bastard that writes the checks and calls the shots. sometimes i wonder if a lot of these idol groups are basically glorified harems. not that i see a problem in that other than i am not rich enough to support an idol group and if i did they would certainly convey my ideals even if they were a parody or satire.


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