Maison Book Girl – summer continue | EP Review


Release Date: March 30th
Format: CD
Number of Editions (1): Regular Edition (CD only)

Maison Book Girl plays it safe (and well) in new EP “summer continue”

Maison Book Girl is among the most interesting projects born from the fragmented heritage of BiS, thanks to a fresh sound and sober identity that made their debut album bath room one of the most surprising releases of last year.

The group’s solid and reflective sonorities have carried over in the new EP summer continue, and it’s fair to admit that the four tracks present in this release could be easily taken as leftovers from the bath room sessions. Still, despite playing it safe, this new release is a short and pleasant experience that everyone that enjoyed the previous record will find equally valuable.

Layers of acoustic riffs and solid percussions open the way to lost AGE, a soothing yet sonically intriguing number, with melancholic vibes forming around vocals as highlight, giving a reflective yet instantly enjoyable vibe to the track. The following blue light adopts a thoughtful approach with the help of electronic elements, with well structured and balanced vocal sections, slightly taken down by a chorus that doesn’t fully bring a consistent contribute to the track, that comes out as weakest number on this EP despite holding valuable moments. On the other hand, bed is easily the most accomplished work here, featuring delicate and dramatic layers of electric guitars framed by bits of joyful synths, creating a nice contrast carried over throughout the track by an engaging structure: Definitely one of the best representation of the group’s sound in this release. The last track, empty, is a poem that follows the tradition of the previous record, and one of the distinctive traits of Maison Book Girl.

Despite being relatively short, summer continue is a pleasant EP that doesn’t take distance from bath room in any way: It doesn’t add anything new, but at the same time it’s the reason why it’s so enjoyable, and those who appreciated the previous record will undoubtedly like this one as well. Still, it’s fair to recognize that this EP also exposes the need for Maison Book Girl to enrich their sound in future releases, without falling into the path of repetitiveness. Knowing the talent and personality behind this project, I’m confident they will keep up with the remarkable quality they delivered so far.

Vote: 7.5 / 10


01. lost AGE
02. blue light
03. bed
04. empty

– Alex


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