HatsuneKaidan – Noisy Killer | ALBUM REVIEW


Release Date: March 18th
Format: Vinyl
Kindly provided by Specific Recordings.

A compilation that pays respect to classic tracks and makes them enjoyable in its own way

Japanese self-proclaimed King of Noise Hijokaidan isn’t certainly new to collaborations with other artists, creating crossover projects where a chaotic approach collapses with different influences to create a particular interpretation of opposite worlds. The group’s collaborations with Idol acts such as BiS and Yurumerumo were particularly well done, and this time around the Osaka-based project led by Jojo Hiroshige opted for the globally famous “Virtual Idol” Hatsune Miku, in a release composed by covers of well known Japanese hits seized under the Noise / Psychedelic Rock / Vocal Synthesizer treatment.

Noisy Killer couldn’t be a more appropriate title for this record, yet it’s far from the “random noise just thrown together” portrait, as it’s both a nice representation of Hijokaidan’s love for revisiting music in its own key as well as a good and enjoyable compilation of covers. With a broad time-span spacing from the 1972 classic “Grudge song” Urami Bushi (mostly known for being featured in Kill Bill) to Perfume’s 2006 Techno-pop masterpiece Electro World, this record revisits several stages of Japanese hits through time and gathers them under a balanced treatment that flows well throughout the record, represented by both super noisy tracks like the Hatsune Miku self-cover of Senbonzakura, and more slow-paced numbers like the beautiful Itsumo Nando Demo taken from Miyazaki’s masterpiece Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi. Particularly worth of mention is also Bokura wa Ima Nade from popular anime Love Live!, that showcases the lovely choice of synths and beats used in this compilation, and also a not-too-high-pitched voice from Hatsune Miku, which is as unexpected in this case as appreciable.

Wether it’s an Idol pop anthem, a Theme song, or a politically-oriented Punk track, Hijokaidan and Hatsune Miku’s influence in these tracks fit just good, and respect the original works in revisiting them in different keys, a treatment that unites these songs greatly and somehow shortens the time-gap between them. Some of these pieces will undoubtedly be a bit too much for someone not used to Hijokaidan’s works, but many others are very enjoyable as well, making this record interesting for anyone looking for a nice compilation album… And why not, also to get closer to the King of Noise and Vocaloid worlds.


Side A

01. Urami Bushi
02. Electro World
03. Yoakemade Hanasai
04. Sotsugyo Shashin
05. Senbonkazura

Side B

06. Itsumo Nando Demo
07. Suki Suki Daisuki
08. Bokura wa Imano Nakade
09. Sayounara Sekaihujin-yo

Note: Shout out to the friends at Specific Recordings for providing me with this record to review. Hatsune Kaidan’s kickass Vinyl can be purchased through Specific Recording’s website, and just like all the other releases, it looks beautiful. Keep up the great work guys!

– Alex

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