Perfume release short MV for FLASH, features lightsabers, but only for hardcore fans

Techno-pop legends Perfume released earlier the short version Music Video for FLASH, their newest track released digitally a few weeks ago that kinda split the fandom for… no reason, since it’s what they’ve been doing for a while.

The MV is your typical “indoor” Perfume video, focusing on the girls in beautiful black outfits dancing and doing martial art moves with a few – but functional – CG effects: The whole thing is simple yet very classy, and the dark color palette kinda reminds the oppression of the Spending all my Time MV, which is definitely good. A sneak peek of the full MV has surfaced on a Japanese TV program, showing the trio enriching the dance with lightsabers (traditions are important) while showcasing their outstanding dance skills as usual. Bless the Twelve I’m part of the chosen ones that pre-ordered the Limited Edition with the Blu-Ray, so I will be able to enjoy the video in its full version, while all the other fans will look at me enviously, cause no thing such as the Internet, Full MVs and 1080p exist if you don’t get the most expensive version.

The track is a Techno/Dance number with a few EDM build-ups opening the way to a catchy chorus, and while structurally it surely sounds a bit rushed, I think it’s very enjoyable and does the job right, even though I’m expecting more depth in the upcoming album mix.

Perfume will drop their new studio album COSMIC EXPLORER on April 6th, and you can expect a review of it here on my blog on the release date, so stay tuned!

– Alex

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