Aira Mitsuki delivers Techno-pop goodness with new single “Days”

I’m not entirely sure what Aira Mitsuki is up to with her career at the moment: After the release of her 2013 album I’ll be back, she pretty much disappeared for a few years to then come back again last year with Lightsaver and Animo! , two digital singles that I found very enjoyable, especially the first one cause it gave me that 2008 Techno-pop vibe I love.

The singer is back today with yet another Digital single called Days, and much like Lightsaver, this track brings sharp beats and a classic electro-soothing bass, framed by bits of melodies in a very nice arrangement; Even structurally, the track does a good job with a break halfway that emphasizes the atmosphere, while Aira’s vocals, as tradition, are vocoded into oblivion and blend perfectly with the track. It’s an enjoyable track with a slightly retro feel that makes you wanna dance, and it does the job greatly if you’re looking for a nice jam to chill with.

Days is yet another proof that Aira is still on track and relevant in the Techno-pop scene. At this point, we just need an album announcement so that she will finally be back.

– Alex

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