The Audiovisual Art of Elevenplay and Rhizomatiks


In the live context, on-stage performers are naturally the ones who always get the most credit from fans and followers. But in certain areas of the industry, these artists, while undoubtedly showing a certain talent in front of the audience, most of the times showcase a concept that couldn’t possibly be brought to life without the work of all the creators working behind the scenes, that while are surely recognized, sometimes are not able to show their pure and genuine artistic vision. And so, sometimes (alas, rarely) these creators gather together to create a more direct and completely uninfluenced experience entirely powered by their talent, taking the role of stars of the show and exposing a genuine artistic output of their creative talent.

One of these is Elevenplay, a project created by well-known choreographer/stage director MIKIKO, the mastermind behind the dances of groups of the likes of Perfume, BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin, Ayami Muto, and many other relevant acts of the Japanese Music Industry. Displayed by a unit of professional dancers performing on stage, Elevenplay’s main purpose is to show top notch technology applied to music and dance, where visual art team Rhizomatiks gives a constant and outstanding contribute to make these performances absolutely stunning, with globally acclaimed artist/programmer Daito Manabe supervising the project together with MIKIKO.

What makes Elevenplay special is the genuine artistic nature of it, and the innovation it brings in the audiovisual field with genial concepts and stunning performances. Basically, it’s the reason why Japan stands out in the world for technology and innovation in live shows: In front of jaw-dropping numbers featuring girls performing and communicating with iPads, dancing in perfect synchronization with programmed drones, and many other technologic wonders fusing with dance and music, Elevenplay is one of those projects that delivers a stunning showcase of these artists’ talent and something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s one of the best artistic outputs from this country, and it’s simply the best Japan has to offer in terms of Audiovisual art.

You can enjoy some performances from Elevenplay down here, and also on the two YouTube channels managed by the group and by Daito Manabe (I highly suggest to watch all of them). This is the real potential and reason why I love the Japanese scene so much, and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. After watching these jaw-dropping performances, be sure to leave your impressions down here in the comments!

Elevenplay (Audiovisual artistic project from MIKIKO, Daito Manabe and Rhizomatiks)

– Alex

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