5 Crazy Japanese Music Videos you need to see

Last time we took a look at some of the most beautiful, innovative and stunning Music Videos from Japan, one of the best aspects of this music industry that constantly fascinates both the lovers and the newcomers of it. But now it’s time to list five of the craziest MVsthat are probably (and controversially) the most attractive for the overseas audience that’s still not into Japanese music, and the reason is simple: They can be weird, funny, crazy and unpredictable, factors that, like or not, bring a certain product to be popular and viral, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Someone may take these bizarre songs and videos as introduction to the Japanese industry, others may just laugh and forget about it claiming how Japan is “weird”, but one thing is for sure: It’s hard to ignore them.

So here it is: A list of some of the craziest Japanese Music Videos ever released, all for you. Be sure to be mentally prepared: Some of them are really insane.

5. Charisma.com – HATE

Electronic Rap duo Charisma.com leaded by MC Itsuka and DJ/producer Gonchi made themselves recognizable immediately in the industry thanks to their strong personalities, offering a masterful balance of electronic music and rap coupled by biting lyrics on society and the struggles of being part of it. Their weird, funny and unconventional charisma (!) is well displayed in their first Music Video and track HATEa mix of weird moments that perfectly describes the attitude of these two girls, eating weird living stuff, acting crazy, and killing random figures in the back in the cruelest ways, with an ending that pretty much confirms how crazy (but charismatic, indeed) these girls are. Also, the track is dope. Recommended!

4. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – PON PON PON

Who doesn’t know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? If you haven’t been living under a rock in the last four years, you definitely have seen or at least heard of this iconic J-pop act and Harajuku icon. Her debut track PON PON PON, produced by Yasutaka Nakata, is one of the most striking cases of viral sensation from Japan that became popular in all the world, and for good reasons: This song is a great example of J-pop done good and one of the best tunes of the genre from 2011 that shook the entire J-pop scene. Its Music Video is an outstanding cohesion of sounds and images and a showcase of “extreme” Harajuku fashion culture, coupled by a plethora of weird elements and moments, including flying brains, scaring huge eyes, candy bars coming out from ears, as well as Kyary farting a rainbow. This combination of ultra catchy sounds and the stunning visuals are still the best representation of Kyary’s identity and the great sound she once had. I just wish she could have kept it that way for longer.

3. Oomori Seiko – Kyuru Kyuru

I just love Oomori Seiko: the thing that really got me at first about this girl, other than her great songwriting skills, is the passion and all the heart she puts in the music she plays and sings, that consequentially translates into a brutally sincere behavior that sometimes reaches insane levels. It’s something noticeable in both her voice and her image, and wether if it’s by listening their heartfelt songs, or watching one of her out of control live shows where she literally screams her lyrics out to the point of tossing (or kissing a random fan in the crowd) you can’t ignore this girl’s incredibly strong charisma, and when you put this together with her skills as musician the result is just unique. Her entry in the mainstream scene with the major debut single Kyuru Kyuru certainly didn’t change a thing in her personality, and this video is something you’re gonna loop for a while, not only because the track is really enjoyable, but mainly to understand and capture every second of it, that’s just filled with Oomori’s personality, a personality that’s crazy, funny, and even lovable.

2. LADYBABY – Nippon Manju

The latest in the series of the craziest Japanese Music Videos, and generally of the “WTF Japan” phenomenon that people outside the land of the rising sun love: LADYBABY is a new Idol metal unit consisting of singer/wrestler/cross-dressing personaLadybeard and junior idols Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko. While Ladybeard has been floating around the Japanese scene for quite some time gaining attention from the media for its eccentric look, it’s not quite the same for the two underage girls, unless you’re into certain stuff that’s better not to discuss here. In any case, the australian wrestler and the two idols decided to team up and release their first single Nippon Manju, promoted by a Music Video than in barely a month reached six millions of views on YouTube and represented one of the most significant viral phenomenons of the last years: Useless to say, this is mainly due to the image of Ladybeard.

The video is definitely bizarre, and you may even find it funny, just don’t expect a masterpiece of track and you’ll be fine.


This is without a shade of doubt one of the craziest Music Videos ever released. Seriously.

As typical of MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, the song blasts brutal metal riffs fused with the speed of hardcore genres with a touch of funk, coupled by screams and growls that border on schizophrenia, all reasons that makes this band so loved in Japan and overseas as well. But these four guys are also known for including sudden and unpredictable influences in their tracks, and this video is the proof of it: The first part of it is pure madness, featuring the guys playing in what it looks like an underground club, destroying everything with brutal and powerful sounds in front of an insane (almost violent) crowd. Then, for some reason, heads start popping up on the guys’ bodies. Then they moltiplicate. Then they make a weird dance, show atomic explosions, and… yes, it’s really weird. But not as weird as the second part of the MV, that pretty much changes everything: I’m not gonna  unveil anything, you just have to see it for yourself.

This video shows what happens when craziness and geniality meet, and no one can do it better than MAXIMUM THE HORMONE. And it’s highly probable you’re gonna love it. But first, please stop the damn Winny upload.


These were only five of the craziest Music Videos the Japanese music scene can offer, and more will come in my next TOP 5 articles.

What do you think about these videos? Did you like them? Did you have fun? Be sure to leave a comment down below with your impressions!
– Alex

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