5 Beautiful Japanese Music Videos you need to watch

The Japanese Music industry can distinguish itself from the rest of the world for several reasons: Its huge dimensions (it’s the second biggest music market in the world), its variety, the innovative concepts several groups can deliver, and much more. One factor that should’t be ignored as well is the quality of these groups’ videographies, which averagely sets on high levels if compared to the rest of the world, and several Music Videos bring so much innovation and creativity within that you’ll be surprised and overwhelmed by all kinds of feeling, wether it’s happiness, melancholy or simply fun.

Here’s a list of five music videos that rank among the best the industry has seen in the last years, and I will post even more in future articles. Be sure to stay tuned, and enjoy these beautiful MVs and songs!

5. Sakanaction – Aruku Around

One of the classics from the band that conquered the Oricon charts and shown the world how to fuse J-rock and Electronic Music with elegance and mastery. Not only Sakanaction‘s music is accessible and elaborated, their music videos are all up to the quality of their tracks, and with Aruku Around the band from Sapporo enriched their videography with a one-shot video (meaning there isn’t any kind of montage or cut) that’s a continuous stream of surprising moments, where lyrics are emphasized by the interaction of frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi with everything that surrounds him. Joyful, funny and breathtaking, a must watch and a great song to get into this particular band.

4. toe – Goodbye

A beautiful, melancholic track and trademark tune from this excellent Japanese indie math rock band, the one that all their fans eagerly wait for when attending their concerts in Japan and around the world: Goodbye is a perfect representation of the toe sound, coupled by one of the very few Music Videos the band ever released, an impressive showcase of the stop-motion technique that’s second to no one, fitting the melancholic mood of the track greatly other than being one of the most particular videos you’ll ever have the pleasure to watch.

3. m-flo – All I want is you

While the Hip Hop scene in Japan is still waiting for its moment to truly come out and become accepted in the mainstream industry,m-flo are one of the rare exceptions that made this genre accessible to anyone thanks to the inclusion of electronic elements and female vocals, and one of their most famous tracks All I want is you brings one of the most fascinating Music Videos of the last years, whose message is clear: Despite being only one of billions of people in this world, we are all connected, and our life can change from one moment to another. An amazing video that will entertain you from the beginning to the end, every single second: A must watch!

2. Perfume – VOICE

The Techno-pop trio from Hiroshima is not only one of the most influent mainstream acts of the Japanese music scene, but also a quality guarantee when it comes to Music Videos: Bringing innovation, creativity and plain joy, Perfume‘s discography is one of the richest and most valid in the industry, and with VOICE the three lovely girls expose not only their cuteness and adorable personalities, but also the talent of the team of artists working behind the scenes that made A-chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka’s talents reach stellar levels: A lovely and pleasant watch that will brighten your day!

1. Utada Hikaru – Sakura Nagashi

Utada Hikaru is an amazing singer and artist, and with the beautiful masterpiece that is Sakura Nagashi, she proved once again to Japan and to the world what she’s capable of, what stream of emotions her voice can still unleash inside of us despite the distance she voluntarily took from the music industry years ago. The emotions this song deliver are enormously emphasized by the Music Video, a beautiful montage of shots taken in nature and in other different places, focusing on heartbreaking moments in a crescendo of emotions that follows the vibe of the track perfectly, to the point you’ll find yourself in tears and realize how fragile we humans are. This is audiovisual art at its best, and no one other than Hikki could have delivered these strong emotions with such delicacy. Absolutely brilliant.

These were only five of the must-see Music Videos the Japanese music scene can offer, and more will come in my next article dedicated to this particular aspect of the industry.

What do you think about these videos? Did you like them? What are the MVs that deserve to be in this list? Be sure to leave a comment down below!
– Alex

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